Math Problem of the Week

The Department of Mathematics publishes a challenging problem biweekly and invites all members of the entire college community -- students, staff, and faculty -- to submit solutions.

The due dates for solutions will be published with the problem, typically they will be due at 12 noon on a Friday. Submit your solution to Dr. Koch's office (Buttrick 329), or, if feasible, email your solutions to him. Each solution should be accompanied by the name and email address of the person submitting the problem solution.

The names of those who submit correct solutions will be acknowledged on the solution page online. The best solution submitted for each problem by an Agnes Scott student wins $10. Criteria for choosing the "best" solution include accuracy, clarity of writing, brevity, mathematical depth, and creativity. Each problem will be judged by a faculty member in the mathematics department. Prize money not picked up by the end of the semester will be forfeited.

In addition to trying to solve the weekly problem, members of the college community are also invited to submit problems for consideration to the POTW Editorial Board. Submissions of possible problems may also be given to any member of the Editorial Board. A problem proposer is ineligible for the prize for her/his problem if it is used. The Editorial Board consists of the professors in the math department.

The Problem of the Week is sponsored by the Department of Mathematics.

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