Agnes Scott College

Certification of Appreciation Presented to Gloria C. Hewitt

In June 1995, Gloria Hewitt "retired" after 12 years of service to the Advanced Placement calculus exam as a reader, table leader, and member of the test development committee. At that time the Educational Testing Service presented Professor Hewitt with the following Certification of Appreciation in recognition of a significant professional contribution to the continued growth and success of the Advanced Placement Calculus Program.

The outstanding success of the Advanced Placement Calculus Program is a tribute to your tireless dedication to excellence in mathematics education, to exceptionally high and uncompromising standards, and to the service of students. Your service as an AP Consultant, as a Reader and Table Leader, and as a member of the Advanced Placement Calculus Test Development Committee has been truly exemplary and your special ability as a writer of both multiple-choice and free-response questions has been outstanding.

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