Alumnae/Visitors Access to Computers & Electronic Resources

Note: for Spring Semester 2021, due to pandemic restrictions, visitors and alumnae are not permitted in McCain. For more information, call 404-471-6094.

Computer Access
There are two short-term use computers designated for alumnae and visitors, located in the McCain Library lobby. These access the WorldCat library catalog, research databases and the Internet but do not offer Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, etc. due to licensing restrictions).  Use is limited to one hour daily.  Printing from them costs five cents per page (sent behind the Circulation Desk) and is limited to 50 pages.  Because they are intended for academic research, visitors should refrain from lengthy recreational use. 

Wireless Network Access
The Guestnet wireless network is available to alumnae and visitors.  To access it, locate Guestnet using the wireless network locator on your laptop and register for an account.  The anti-virus software on your computer must be up-to-date and meet the requirements of our wireless network.  Please note that smartphones and tablets occasionally experience problems accessing the wireless network in certain locations in the building; if your location has a weak signal, ask staff for a recommendation.  Also, printing is not available wirelessly. If necessary, a librarian can assist you by printing from your USB flash drive or web mail account at the Reference Desk (for five cents per page, 50 pages maximum).

Using Library Databases
With the exception of alumnae remote access to JSTOR, Project Muse and Sage Journals, visitors will not be able to access library databases when off-campus. Therefore, when researching on campus, we suggest saving the full-text of articles to a flash drive or a cloud-based storage system (such as Google Docs or Dropbox). Citation links or so-called 'permanent URLs' created when researching on campus will not work from off-campus as they require passwords/authentication not available to visitors due to licensing restrictions. Please verify that you have the article text or PDF securely saved before leaving McCain Library.

Service Limits
During times of high use by Agnes Scott College students (such as near exams), visitor services and access may be limited. An individual visitor's library privileges also may be terminated at the discretion of any librarian for violation of policies, disruptive behavior or any activity deemed detrimental to McCain Library or our primary users. Questions about this policy may be directed to the Director of Library Services at 404-471-5277.  In addition, all computers in the library are subject to the campus wide Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.