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Find textbooks, readings, DVDs, and other items placed on Reserve by your course instructor.

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The Reserves Collection ensures that materials assigned for a class will be accessible to all students who need them. Books and other items are placed on Reserve for a specific course at the request of a faculty member.

Most Reserves have a 2-hour loan period or a 4-hour loan period and must be used inside the library. Tip: If you check out an item 2 hours before the Circulation Desk closes, it will be due 1 hour after the library opens the next morning!  If the item is a personal copy of the instructor, the instructor may not want the item to leave the library and in that case, overnight check out will not be allowed. 

Placing an Item on Reserve

The Circulation Desk handles all Reserve requests.  Either stop by and complete a Reserve request card or email your Reserve list to Access Services staff at  If emailing a list, please use your course code (e.g., PHI 130) as the email subject line, and include a copy of your class syllabus with your Reserve list. Please list both the selection and the source title for each Reserve item. For example, if the syllabus asks students to listen to “Someone to Watch Over Me” from the CD entitled Kiri Sings Gershwin, please list both titles.

To ensure timely service, please submit Reserve requests at least 3 days in advance of the date when they will be needed. In addition to items in McCain's holdings, personal copies of books, textbooks, or DVDs may also be placed on Reserve.

For books or media items not listed in the SOPHIA catalog, with reasonable lead time McCain Library staff will try to order items you wish to place on Reserve.  Please contact Kat Greer (404-471-6141 | for additional information or to make such a request.

Commercially rented items (i.e. DVDs from Netflix) or Interlibrary loaned materials (that belong to another institution) cannot be placed on Reserve. Photocopied articles to be placed on Reserve must meet copyright guidelines (see below).

Links to Articles

Many of our research databases enable faculty to create online reading lists that provide a link directly to a journal, magazine, or newspaper article available in one of the library databases.  Please contact the User Education Librarian, Casey Long (404-471-6343 |, to learn how to create a reading list that is accessible to students through Moodle or Canvas. 

Looking for Cheaper Textbooks?

With a few exceptions, McCain Library does not normally buy textbooks for classes taught at Agnes Scott. Professors expect students to have personal copies to use in class. We do have a program that purchases one copy of the most expensive ones costing over $100, available used, and in certain subjects, such as STEM and Economics. You may find a copy on Reserve that can be borrowed for in-library use, two hours at a time. For others not included in that pilot, here is a flyer with links to some options for renting or purchasing books at reduced cost.

For more information regarding McCain Library's textbook program, visit the Expensive Textbooks on Reserve policy page.


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