Listed below are all the usernames and passwords you may need to access research tools, login to campus computers, place interlibrary loan requests, and manage your library account.

Computer Login

Use your network username and password to login to all computers in McCain Library, except laptops.  Your network ID is generally the first initial of your first name followed by your last name (Jane Doe would be “jdoe”). If you are logging in for the first time try your first and last name initials followed by your ASC ID number.  For example Jane Doe may be jd6534621. You will be prompted to change your username and password.

If you need to reset your network password (for example, due to phishing), go to the ITS Password Manager page, then Manage My Password.

To login to the McCain Library laptops enter the username and password listed on the sticker above the keyboard. 

GALILEO Password (to Access Databases Off-Campus or on Personal Laptops)

Galileo Login The GALILEO password changes three times per year.  To locate the latest password log in to the LIB 101 course in Moodle (you may need to enroll yourself). 

Sorry, the password is only for currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. 

My Account (with the Library in SOPHIA)

Agnes Scott LoginYour name (first and last name) and your ASC ID number (7-digit number on front of your ID card) may be required to login to some databases.  It is also used to place interlibrary loan requests for articles and books or to log into your library account where you can renew books, save lists of books from the catalog, and monitor the status of your interlibrary loan request.

Other Database Passwords

There are no other usernames and passwords required to use the resources provided by McCain Library.  A prompt for a username and password different from the ones listed above indicates you have either tried to access the database incorrectly, tried to access a resource not available directly through McCain Library, or there is something wrong with our system (and if you think that is the case, please alert us). 

To troubleshoot the problem, review the following questions:

  • Was the resource accessed through the library website?  Clicking on a link to an article found in an internet search engine like Google or Googling the name of your favorite database will not recognize you as a McCain Library user if you are using a computer that is not on the campus network.  You must locate the database from the McCain Library list of databases and log in with the GALILEO password or your name and ID number.
  • Does the library subscribe to all the content in the database?  Some databases require that McCain Library subscribe to individual resources within the database rather than providing a package deal.  You can often limit your search to just the items available through the McCain Library subscriptions. Here is a list of databases that may not allow full access to all the content in the database:
    • Cambridge Press
    • Duke University Press
    • JSTOR
    • Project Muse
    • Sage Online Journals
    • ScienceDirect
    • SpringerLink Journals
    • Wiley Interscience Journals

If the steps above do not solve the problem, please let us know that you are experiencing an issue.  We will try to help you troubleshoot the problem further and if it is a problem with our system we will report it to make sure that access is restored as soon as possible. 

RefWorks Group Code

RefWorks Group CodeThe RefWorks group code is RWAgnesSC (case sensitive).  If you are using RefWorks off campus or setting up Write N Cite on your computer you may need the group code.

Helpful Resources