Noise Policy

In general, talking is discouraged in McCain Library.  Short conversations are permissible if they are related to research. Please use one of the group study rooms in the library if you need to engage in group work. 

Floor 3 and Stack 3 are quiet floors.  No talking or electronic devices are permitted in these areas. 

Headphones should be used when watching movies or listening to music in the library.  Headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

All phone calls should be taken outside and phones should be set to vibrate or silent when entering the building. 

When using group study rooms, please continue to use "library voices" and talk in low tones.  The walls are not sound proof and often conversations from one room may be heard in another group study room or nearby. 

How to Solve Noise Problems

If you are disturbed by someone else's noise and feel comfortable, talk to the group or individual.  Often, they may not realize they were getting loud. 

You may also report the issue to a library staff member at the Reference Desk or Circulation Desk.  Simply provide the location of the noise problem and staff will investigate the problem.