Group Study Room Policy

McCain Library has 6 group study rooms. These are intended for groups of 2 or more.  At least 2 members of the group should be present to hold the room.  Any belongings left in the room for an extended period of time without 2 group members present may be taken to the Circulation Desk and held in the Lost & Found section. 

Please continue to use "library voices" and talk in low tones when using the Group Study Rooms.  Sound travels through the walls to the group study rooms on adjacent floors and into the Stacks. 

Currently, McCain Library is unable to reserve group study rooms for a set time frame.  Access is first come, first serve. 


Group Media Rooms

McCain Library also has 3 group media rooms on the Ground Floor of the library. One room includes a larger monitor and computer that may be helpful to groups who want to practice their presentation skills or to collaborate on a file.  These are intended for individuals or groups who need to view a film for class or to do group computer work. Watching movies and television for entertainment is permitted, but if all rooms are in use when a course-related need occurs, a library staff member may ask the group using the room solely for entertainment to relocate. 

The Library Food Policy applies in this room.  Please do not bring meals, pizza or other greasy, sticky food into a group media room.  If you do bring in any food, please make sure it is discarded in the trash bins outside the library.