Scottie Printing

Effective March 1, 2018 the college installed campus wide networked multi-function devices for printing, photocopying and scanning.  The goals for this change were to improve the end-user experience and our business processes.  The resulting improvements in efficiency and productivity will

  • help reduce the total cost of printing and photocopying (device cost, supplies, accidental/unwanted print jobs)
  • align with campus sustainability efforts 
  • provide common features across campus (simplex/duplex, color/grayscale, scanning, faxing, sorting and stapling) at a single device
  • support "follow me print" capability where print job(s)
    • go to a print queue and
    • require you to release the job(s) you want to print at any supported device using your ASC ID card or by logging in at the device with your network account
    • can be printed at any networked device
  • provide mobile and email print options, specifically providing students living at Avery Glen an option for printing their work and releasing the print job at any device once the student is on campus

 Multi-Function Device Features

  • Two models, one with two 500 sheet trays and one with four 500 sheet trays
  • Print and Photocopy
    • Single sided and duplex
    • Grayscale and color
  • 50 sheet staple capability
  • Scan to email or USB drive
  • Queue based printing
    • Submit job to print
    • Go to any MFD device and release your job using your ID card or network login
    • Print jobs that have been release are removed the the queue
    • Submitted print jobs stay in the queue for 24 hours
    • Ability to print remotely using email print to queue


  • Professional printing, binding or laminating services will need to coordinated with off campus services. 
  • All current personal and network printers will be physically removed from service.  
  • Print quotes for students and faculty are as follows:
    • Students at $30.00 per year, averaging to 500 sheets per year (July 1st – June 30th)
    • Faculty at $200.00 per year, averaging to 4,000 sheets per year (July 1st – June 30th)
  • Students can add printing funds to their account by going to the Library circulation desk or the ITS Help Desk.
  • Faculty who have met their quote will have additional print and photocopy fees charged to their departmental operating budget.
  • Supplies will be provided as follows:
    • The college will purchase 100% post consumer recycled paper
    • ITS student assistants will handle paper delivery
    • When a device reaches 25% toner remaining, a replacement toner will automatically be ordered and shipped to the ITS Help Desk
      • ITS student assistants and Faculty Services members will help with installing toner in academic areas
      • Individuals identified in administrative locations will help with installing toner for devices located in their work area(s).
  • Network support sending and receiving faxes will be implemented.


Fee Structure

8 1/2" x 11" 8 1/2 x 14 11 x 17 Envelope Card
copy & print, grayscale single $.0489 $.0489 $.0489 $.0189 $.0189
copy & print, grayscale duplex $.0289 $.0289 $.0289 $.0189 $.0189
copy & print, color single $.1273 $.1273 $.1273 $.0773 $.0773
copy & print color duplex $.0873 $.0873 $.0873 $.0773 $.0773

Charges will default to each faculty and staff member's operating budget.  Those with the ability to charge to non-operating budget accounts should notify their senior budget manager so they can provide the appropriate information to Information Technology for setting up the ability to choose between.