Phishing Scams via Google

Last updated: Jul 19, 2016 3:53:49 PM

 Greetings Campus Community,

 Below you will find the TWO examples of a phishing scams that are going around on campus.  Please do not click on any links in any suspicious email.  If you have questions about an emails, please call the ITS Help Desk for assessment. if you clicked on the link and didn't go any further, your system is fine. 

If you clicked the link and logged in ... this means you need to change your network password
You can change your password at the password management website ... ... or via your workstation.

Thank you!

********************* Example 1 *********************

Google Drive
LAST NAME, FIRST NAME sent you a private message.

Read private message below

Read Message

© 2015 Google Drive

********************* Example 2 *********************


It has come our notice that you made a request to discontinue your account,

Note that all email associated with your account will be lost. Are you sure sure you want to continue with this request?.

Your request will be processed shortly unless you cancel below:


This notice is final.