How to use Moodle

Moodle playlist:  Click Here

Video titles include (and are ever expanding): navigating the Moodle interface, how to make your course visible to students,how to backup a course, how to import  content from an old course to a new course, uploading files, creating an assignment, creating a forum, the difference between an activity and a resource. 
Do you have an idea for a tutorial? Let us know by emailing Calvin Burgamy at cburgamy@agnesscott.edu


Google Online Training

Lynda.com has the following training videos for Windows 10, OS X El Capitan and Office 2016.  Login to your Agnes Scott Lynda.com account and search for the training title.
  • Windows 2010 and Office 2016
    • Windows 10 Essentials
    • Word 2016 Essential Training
    • Excel 2016 Essential Training
    • PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training
  • Apple OS X and Office 2016
    • Max OS X El Capitan Essential Training
    • Word for Mac 2016 Essential Training
    • Excel for Mac 2016 Essential Training
  • Optional
    • Windows 10 Tips & Tricks
    • Windows 10 New Features
    • Mac OS X El Capitan New Features
    • Office 2016 for Mac New Features
    • Learn Office 2016
    • Excel 2016 Advanced Formulas and Functions
    • Up and Running with Excel 2016
    • Up and Running with Word 2016
    • Up and Running with Excel for Mac 2016
    • Up and Running with Word for Mac 2016