Calendar Management

Having someone manage your calendar

Grant Access to your Calendar

  1. Open your calendar
  2. Click Gear
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click Calendars
  5. Under My Calendars, Select Shared: Edit settings for your calendar
  6. Under Share with specific people, enter the email address of the person you want to have access to your calendar
  7. Under Permission settings, select the permission Make changes to events
  8. Select Save
  • The individual(s) you have setup with access to your calendar will receive an email letting them know you have given them access to your calendar. 


Filter Calendar Events to a Label

  • If you have someone managing your calendar, you will receive event notices in your inbox.  Creating a label to filter event notices moves event notices out of your mailbox and allows you to clean up event notices easily.
  1. Click the label button (looks like a sales tag)
  2. Select Create new
  3. In the Please enter a new label name:, type Calendar Messages
  4. Click Create


Create Calendar Message Filter

  • Person who is having their calendar managed and wants the calendar events moved to a label
  1. Click Gear
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Filters
  4. Click Create a new filter
  5. In the Subject text box, type Invitation
  6. Click Create filter with this search
  7. Select the check box next to Skip the Inbox
  8. Select the check box next to Apply the label:
  9. Click Choose label and select Calendar Messages
  10. Select the check box next to Apply filter to # matching messages, if it appears.
  11. Click Create
  • All meeting invitations or changes will be automatically moved to the Calendar Messages label and out of your inbox. 

Note:  The person managing your calendar will accept or decline meeting invitations from their account.  The invitations in your Calendar Messages label will remain “unread”.  If you click the down arrow on the RSVP link at the right of each message, you can see the status of the calendar invitation.


Managing someone’s calendar

  • Someone must share their calendar with you.  You will get an email message letting you know the person whose calendar you will manage has given you access to edit events on their Google calendar
  • You may need to “reload” your calendar screen to initially see the calendar
    • Right click on the calendar
    • Select reload
    • Events of the calendar you are managing are visible in a default color, you can change the color by mousing over the calendar (left side of screen under Other calendars) and clicking  the down arrow. 
    • You need to setup Reminders and notifications that you want to receive regarding the calendar you are managing
  1. Mouse over the calendar (left side of screen under Other calendars)
  2. Click the down arrow
  3. Select Reminders and notifications
  4. Under Email, select all options except Daily agenda
  5. Click Save


Accepting Invitations

  1. Open the email invitation
  2. To make sure there is no conflict, look at the Agenda section on the right
  3. Select the appropriate meeting acknowledgement
  4. Go back to your Inbox
  5. Delete the invitation


Creating Invitations and inviting others

  1. Open your calendar
  2. Make sure you can see the officer’s calendar, if you can’t toggle it on by clicking on the calendar on the left side of the screen
  3. There are several ways to create events
    1. Click Create above the mini calendar
    2. Double click on the calendar
    3. Input the event information
      1. Title
      2. Start date/time to End date/time
      3. Location
      4. Select the Officer’s calendar in the Calendar drop down box
      5. Add a description
      6. Begin to add Guests in the Add: Guests box on the right
      7. You can view availability by selecting the Find a time tab
      8. Click Save
      9. Click Send