Going Google Update

Google Update!

Tuesday November 12, 2013

On April 17, 2013 we announced the plan for Agnes Scott to move from our current Exchange email and calendar platform to Google Apps.   Over the past two months we have been developing and fine tuning our migration plan and setting everything up for our move to Google Apps in January.  

Why is Agnes Scott changing to Google Apps for Education? 

1.      cloud-based email and calendar services  are becoming the standard for higher education;
2.      Google Apps is a stable, robust and innovative calendar email and calendar solution kept current by Google;
3.      each account gets 30Gb of storage;
4.      the college saves an estimated $7,500 every year  by eliminating upgrades to server level operating systems and Exchange software, along with saving $70,000 every five years by eliminating upgrades to email and calendaring system hardware.

What does this change mean to you? 

  1. You will use Gmail and Google calendar instead of Outlook.
  2. You will access your Gmail and Google calendar through the Google Chrome browser as the college will no longer support desktop email client applications.
  3. Faculty and staff email addresses will remain the same (firstinitiallastname@agnesscott.edu).
  4. Student email addresses will change to firstinitiallastname@agnes.edu.
  5. Your network login will not change; your email login will be your Google account address (your email address); and your password will be the same for both.
  6. You will getmore storage, 30Gb.
  7. You will gain access to the suite of Google Apps:  Google Docs, Google Drive, Sites, Google Talk, Google Hangouts and more.

Please complete the short Google Apps for Education Survey which will provide us with information we will use to identify training and support resources.  Check out the Google Migration Schedule, review the Pre-Migration Checklist to see what you should do prior to the migration and plan to attend Training.

If you have questions, please send them to gogoogle@agnesscott.edu

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