Resident Hall Internet & WiFi Configuration


  • The following check list and associated documentation provides you with the process for connecting your personal computer to the campus network though "self-configuration".

Perform the following actions IN ORDER.  Detailed instructions will be provided in your web browser as you work through this process.

  • Power up and login in to your computer
    • You must login to your personal computer using an account which has Administrator rights.
  • Connect your computer to your wireless connections and connect to Woof-Woof wifi
  • Open a web browser to begin the registration process.  You will be automatically directed to the Agnes Scott Network Access Control - Registration Page.
    • Note: Please have antivirus installed and updated for both Macs and PCs.
  • Next to the Student heading, click on the Start link and complete the requested information. 
    • Note: Use your network user id and password...the same one you use for accessing email.
  • Click the Download button at the bottom of the page and install the Bradford Persistent Agent application.
  • After Bradford is installed you will be directed to login, use your network user id and password. 
  • Bradford will run a scan of your computer. 

Once the scan has completed, you will be informed that you have successfully registered your device OR that the registration failed. 

If the registration failed, please read the instructions on the site, in most cases Bradford isn’t able to locate antivirus or antivirus needs to be updated.  After installing or updating antivirus, you will have an option to rescan. 

Rescan your computer, if it fails again, you will want to contact your Residential Computing Consultant or bring your laptop down to ITS in Walters, Ground Floor.