Using Equipment - Equipment Instructions

All Buildings:

 Loose Equipment
 How to hookup a laptop to an LCD projector

Alston Campus Center
 How to use the big screen TV in the Hub

Avery Glen Apartments
 Cable TV channel line-up (apartments only)
 Cable TV memo (apartments only)

Buttrick Hall
 How to use Classroom 213 & 221 equipment
 How to use Classroom G 25 equipment
 How to use Film Room (G 4) equipment
 How to use a Touch Panel

Dana Fine Arts
 How to use Classroom 101 equipment

Resident Halls
(Hopkins, Inman, Main, Rebekah, Winship, Walters, Theme House)
 Cable TV channel line-up (resident halls only)
 Cable TV memo (resident halls only)

McCain Library
Writing Center

 How to use the Writing Center equipment
 SMARTBOARD troubleshooting guide

Speaking Center
 How to record your presentation

Science Center
 How to use Classroom G 9 equipment
 How to use the Science Center Projection Carts
 How to use the Science Center Touch Panels