Trouble with Moodle?

If you're a student:

  • Your professor may not be using Moodle or your professor hasn't yet made the site available to her students.

  • Or, you are not enrolled in the course. If you recently added the course, Moodle will list your course about 24 hours after the Registrar's office enrolled you in the course.

If you're a faculty member:

  • You may not be listed as the instructor of record. Contact the Registrar's office to ensure you're listed as the instructor of record.

  • If your students mention they're unable to see a course you're teaching, click here to learn how to make your Moodle course site visible.

  • You may not be looking in the correct place on Moodle. Click here for a short tutorial on where to find your Moodle courses for the upcoming semester.