Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) provides classroom, individual and instructional technology support to students and faculty members at Agnes Scott College.  Our goal is to enhance the teaching and learning experience by providing a supportive environment in which students and faculty members can thoughtfully apply innovative and collaborative technology.

At Agnes Scott College, technology is used in course instruction in a number of ways, including:

  1. The use of online resources (e.g., Moodle course management software, Google Apps, Blogs and YouTube) to post course content on the web in the form of documents, pre-recorded lectures, simulations and tutorials. 
  2. In-class workshops teaching students how to create a blog or film & edit a video project 
  3. The development of e-books and experimentation with mobile devices and student response systems 
  4. The use of web-conferencing tools to collaborate and communicate with students outside of the face-to-face classroom (e.g., setting up virtual office hours, online review sessions, and web-based student project collaboration) and scheduling “virtual” guest speakers 
  5. Facilities for students and faculty to develop multimedia materials as well as present these materials in technology-enhanced classrooms.


Emily Gwynn, Educational Technology Services Manager
Tami Stanko, Media Technician
Calvin Burgamy, Instructional Technologist