Casual Days

The following information is intended to serve as a guide to help define appropriate casual businesswear for all employees during designated casual days at ASC. Fridays during the academic year and each working day during the months of June and July will be designated casual days. Other days, such as student holidays or days preceding holidays, may be designated as casual days with prior notification from your immediate supervisor. Because of the nature of their work, some offices may not be permitted to dress in casual businesswear. Remember that overall college guidelines require you to dress appropriate to the specific activity of your office.

Our primary objective is to have employees project a professional image while taking advantage of more casual and relaxed fashions. Casual dress offers a welcome alternative to the formality of typical business attire.

However, not all casual clothing is appropriate for the office. Casual businesswear means clean, neat, professional clothing. It is never appropriate to wear stained, wrinkled, frayed, or revealing clothing to the workplace. If you are considering wearing something and you are not sure if it is acceptable, choose something else or inquire first. Questions about appropriateness should be directed to your supervisor.

Listed below is a general overview of acceptable casual businesswear as well as a listing of some of the more common items that are not appropriate for the office. Obviously, neither group is intended to be all inclusive. Rather, these items should help set the general parameters for proper casual businesswear and allow you to make intelligent judgments about items that are not specifically addressed.

Examples of acceptable casual businesswear include:

* crop pants

* slacks

* casual dresses and skirts

* casual shirts and blouses

* golf shirts

* loafers

* deck shoes

* flats

* dress sandals or open-toed shoes

Examples of inappropriate clothing items that should not be worn on casual days include:

* jeans

* sweatpants

* warm-up or jogging suits and pants

* shorts

* bib overalls

* spandex or other form fitting clothing

* miniskirts

* spaghetti-strap dresses

* T-shirts

* sweatshirts

* halter tops

* visible undergarments

* slippers

* thong slippers

* flip-flop type sandals

On occasion, we may announce dress-down days where looser, even more informal clothing can be worn in order to allow you to enjoy a special occasion, better tolerate excessive heat conditions, or more comfortably organize your work area.

For some, traditional business attire may simply remain a more favored option on casual days. The choice will be yours. We hope and fully expect that casual days will help make our workplace more enjoyable and productive.

Policy No.  720  Issued  3/28/2006