Emergency Closings

At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, power failures or earthquakes can disrupt College operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require the closing of the College. In the event such an emergency occurs during nonworking hours, local radio and/or television stations will be asked to broadcast notification of the closing.

If the College is officially closed during severe weather or other emergencies, members of the administrative staff and support staff will not be expected to come to the campus and absences will not be counted against accrued vacation time. Full-time, hourly employees will only be paid if the school is closed on a day that is their normal work day.

If the College is officially open during severe weather or other emergency and staff employees decide it is unsafe to travel from their particular locations, they have the option of working on a designated make up Saturday following their absence or of having their absence counted as a day of vacation. Make up Saturday will be announced by College officials.

If, for reasons of safety during severe weather, staff members decide to delay their arrival on campus or to leave campus before the regular closing hour, it should be with the approval of their supervisor. Employees have the option of making up hours missed at a time approved by their supervisor or of having these hours counted against their accrued vacation.

Employees in essential operations may be asked to work on a day when operations are officially closed. In these circumstances, their supervisor may adjust their work schedule (within the same pay period) to recognize the additional hours worked.

In the event of severe weather or other emergency, information on the closing or delayed opening of the College is available from the following sources:

Recorded message on (404) 471-5100: This line will be updated as changing decisions on closings and delays occur with a first update no sooner than 5:30 a.m.

Radio and television news updates: Please check updates on closings or delays with these media outlets: WGST 640AM and WSB-TV Channel 2.

Broadcast voice-mail messages.

Text message, if the college has a record of your cell phone number.

Do not call public safety for closing or delay information during inclement weather. The dispatcher will simply refer the call to the (404) 471-5100 information line.

Policy No.  510  Issued  1/1/2004