Meal Plan

Agnes Scott College provides eligible faculty and staff members meal benefits during the academic year. The following categories of employees are eligible:

  • Regular full-time employees
  • Regular half-time employees
  • Part-time employees

One meal per working day (usually lunch) is provided in Evans Dining Hall during the academic year for faculty and staff, both full-time and part-time employees, at a nominal charge of $3.00.

To receive one meal per working day in the dining hall for the price of $3.00, employees present their current valid college ID. ID cards are issued through human resources to each College employee. Valid IDs have the current academic-year sticker, distributed by human resources at the beginning of each academic year; the employee?s picture; and the bar code issued by a manager or assistant manager in food services.

As a convenience, arrangements with our food services contractor allow individuals the option to pre-purchase meals by placing funds on account for daily use. This pre-purchase of meals yields an additional 10 percent reduction in the per-meal cost.

Payment Options:

Daily payment option: You must present your current Agnes Scott College ID daily at Evans Dining Hall to receive the reduced meal charge of $3.00. If you do not present your validated ID with bar code, you will be charged the regular price: $6.50 for breakfast, $8.50 for lunch or $8.75 for dinner. Cash and credit cards (i.e. Visa and MasterCard) are accepted for meals at the counter of the dining hall. Personal checks will not be accepted for the daily payment of individual meals.

Pre-payment option: The food services manager or assistant manager will accept pre-payment to your meal card by cash or credit card (minimum of $50). By prepaying your account you will receive an additional 10 percent credit. Example: when you advance deposit $50; $55 is credited to your account. Funds left on your account at the end of the semester will carry forward to the next semester.

One hour is the customary length of the meal period for staff employees; for certain designated supervisors the meal period is 30 minutes. The meal period for non exempt employees cannot be less than 30 consecutive minutes per day. Non-exempt employees cannot adjust their scheduled-meal period without prior approval from their supervisor.

Policy No.  395  Issued  1/1/2004