Job Posting

Agnes Scott College provides employees an opportunity to indicate their interest in open positions and advance within the College according to their skills and experience. In general, notices of all regular, full-time job openings are posted, though ASC reserves its discretionary right to not post a particular opening.

Job openings will be posted on the ASC Web site and will normally remain open for five days. Each job posting notice will include the dates of the posting period, job title, department, location, grade level, job summary, essential duties and qualifications (required skills and abilities).

To be eligible to apply for a posted job, employees must have performed competently for at least 180 calendar days in their current position. Employees who have a written warning on file or are on probation or suspension are not eligible to apply for posted jobs. Eligible employees can only apply for those posted jobs for which they possess the required skills, competencies and qualifications.

To apply for an open position, employees should submit an Employee Bid Sheet to the Office of Human Resources listing job-related skills and accomplishments. They should also describe how their current experience with ASC and prior work experience and/or education qualifies them for the position.

ASC recognizes the benefit of developmental experiences and encourages employees to talk with their supervisors about their career plans. Supervisors are encouraged to support employees' efforts to gain experience and advance within the College.

An applicant's supervisor may be contacted to verify performance, skills and attendance. Any staffing limitations or other circumstances that might affect a prospective transfer may also be discussed.

Job posting is a way to inform employees of openings and to identify qualified and interested applicants who might not otherwise be known to the hiring manager. Other recruiting sources may also be used to fill open positions in the best interest of the College.

ASC encourages employees to identify friends or acquaintances who are interested in employment opportunities and refer qualified outside applicants for posted jobs. Employees should obtain permission from the individual before making a referral, share their knowledge of the College and not make commitments or verbal promises of employment.

An employee should submit the referral's resume and/or completed application form to the Office of Human Resources for a posted job. If the referral is interviewed, the referring employee will be notified of the initial interview and the final selection decision.

Policy No.  116  Issued  1/1/2004