Pre-Allied Health Program

Our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Allied Health program provides students with a strong foundation in the science classes necessary to apply for a health professions degree program for a career as a physician assistant, pharmacist, physical therapist, and more. The rigor of our program, including a clinical practicum, and Health Professions Advising support prepares students to further their education in a health professions field.

Our 12-month programs consist of 36 credit hours over three semesters (June-May) and a complementary, cohort-exclusive MCAT* prep course during the spring semester, offered by the Princeton Review.

Students in these programs attend classes full-time during the day, to provide them with the rigorous academic study needed to prepare for medical school.

*Students can opt for a DAT prep, GRE or related exam prep course instead, based on the requirement of their health professions field of choice.

Program Requirements

Below is a list of some requirements for the post-bacc pre-allied health program of study. For a comprehensive look at the program and admission requirements, review the current academic catalog.

  • All courses in this program must be taken for a letter grade: P/F and Audit options are not possible for any course in the programs.
  • Post-bacc students can take classes outside of the curriculum or once their cohort is complete with authorization from the program director and pending seat availability.
  • Students within the Pre-Allied Health program must be enrolled in at least eight credit hours in both the fall and spring semesters, and complete a total of 28 credit hours overall within the program.


Summer Semester (12 credit hours)

  • BIO-110 Integrative Biology I/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-150 Introduction to Chemistry w/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • CHE-220 Foundations of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry /Lab (4.00 credit hours)
    • Course requisites: CHE-150 and CHE-150L, minimum grade C-
Fall Semester (14 credit hours)
  • BIO-111 Integrative Biology II/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
    • Course requisites: Req'd prereqs: BIO-110 & 110L
  • BIO-222: Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
    • Course requisites: BIO-110/Lab and BIO-111/Lab
  • CHE-240 Organic Chemistry I/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
  • Professional Success in Medicine and Health (2.00 credit hours)
Spring Semester (12 hours)
In addition to 12-hours of science course curriculum, students complete a complementary test preparation course for the MCAT, DAT or GRE during the spring semester.
  • BIO-201: Microbiology/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
    • Course requisites: BIO-110 and BIO-111
  • BIO-223: Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab (4.00 credit hours)
    • Course requisites: BIO-222 (Human Anat & Phys I)
  • Clinical Practicum (4.00 credit hours)

Admission Requirements

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