Our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program provides students with a strong foundation in the science classes necessary to apply for medical, veterinary or dental school, as well as guidance through the competitive medical school application and selection process.

This 12-month program consists of 36 credit hours over three semesters (June-May). After the spring semester, students prepare and submit medical school applications for entrance a year from August.

Students in this program attend class daily, during the day, on a full-time basis to provide them with the rigorous academic study needed to prepare for medical school.

  • BIO 110 Integrated Biology with Lab (4 credits)
  • CHE 150 Introduction to Chemistry with Lab (4 credits)
  • CHE 220 Foundations of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry with Lab (4 credits) - Prereq: CHE 150

  • BIO 111 Integrated Biology with Lab (4 credits) - Prereq: BIO 110
  • CHE 240 Organic Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits) - Prereq: CHE 220 and CHE 220L
  • PHY 102 Elements of Physics I with Lab (4 credits)

  • CHE 305 PBPM Medical Biochemistry (4 credits)
  • CHE 340 Organic Chemistry II with Lab (4 credits) - Prereq: CHE 240
  • PHY 103 Elements of Physics II with Lab (4 credits)- Prereq: PHY 102

Program Requirements

Below is a list of some requirements for the post-bacc pre-med program of study. For a comprehensive look at the program and admission requirements, review the current academic catalog.
  • All courses in this program must be taken for a letter grade: P/F and Audit options are not possible for any course in the program.
  • Post-bacc pre-med students can take classes outside of the curriculum or once their cohort is complete with authorization from the program director and class instructor.
  • A minimum of 28 credit hours (7 courses) from our program must be taken for a post-bacc pre-med student to be considered for a medical school committee letter from Agnes Scott. Committee letters are only prepared for students for up to two years after completion of our program.
  • The college typically does not allow post-bacc pre-med students to retake courses they took as undergraduates, unless the courses were taken more than five years ago. The exceptions to this policy are the general chemistry I and II, and biology I courses offered during summer semester.
  • Students who have previously taken any course within our curriculum must submit a formal request to substitute the class(es) or receive permission to opt-out. Classes older than five years from the first day of summer session classes (June 1, 2021) within the cohort need to be retaken. Students who have taken general chemistry more than three years ago should retake the courses in order to build a solid foundation for organic chemistry.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least eight credit hours in both the fall and spring semesters, and complete a total of 28 credit hours overall within the program.

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