If You Are Sick
If you are sick, first visit Student Health Services, which is located in the Wellness Center on the ground floor of Hopkins Hall. Treatment and records at the Student Health Service are strictly confidential.  

If Student Health Services recommends that you see an off-campus doctor, the costs of his/her care will be covered by your insurance after the deductible is met. Keep all receipts and paperwork you receive from your doctor, both on and off campus.

For important information regarding after-hours care and urgent care centers, please read this document

International students are required at all times to be enrolled in a comprehensive health insurance plan subscribed to by Agnes Scott College. Fees for the plan are included in your statement of charges at the beginning of the academic year. Important to remember: Carry your insurance card at all times. Save all receipts related to medical treatment and prescriptions.

The Office of International Education and Student Health Services handle insurance issues. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the policy until a person has been continuously insured under the Agnes Scott College International Student Health Insurance Plan for 1 year. A pre-existing condition is an illness or medical condition you had prior to purchasing the insurance. For example: If a student is being treated for a back injury before coming to ASC, then the insurance which takes effect when the student arrives at ASC will not cover back injury treatment costs. The back injury existed prior to the insurance coverage and is therefore a pre-existing condition and not covered by the insurance (until a year of coverage has passed).

Insurance Definitions

Benefits: The money the insurance company pays if you become sick
Claim: The form and procedure you use to request payment or reimbursement of you medical expenses from the insurance company.  Forms are available in the Office of International Education and the Student Health Center.  Forms should be completed and copies of bills attached and then filed (mailed to the address on the form) within 90 days from the date of medical service.  Keep copies of any correspondence, claims, or bills that you mail.
Coverage: The conditions under which the insurance company will pay or reimburse your medical expenses
Deductible: The portion of medical costs you pay yourself before the insurance company will begin to cover expenses.  The ASC health insurance plan will pay 80% of the first $3,500 of Covered Medical Expenses and thereafter, 100% of Covered Medical Expenses up to a Maximum Benefit amount of $250,000 for each injury or sickness.  The deductible is $50 per injury or sickness (waived when the student is first treated at the ASC Student Health Services).  Use of hospital emergency room for sickness will result in an additional deductible of $50.  In addition, the Covered Medical Expenses will be reduced to 20%.  This limitation will not apply if it is a medical emergency or if the insured student is referred by the ASC Student Health Services.  When sick and when possible you should first go to ASC Student Health Services, which usually costs less than going to an emergency room or elsewhere. Refer to the T.W. Lord & Associates brochure for full details.
Dependents: Children - see brochure for details
Exclusions: Circumstances under which the company will not pay for or reimburse medical expenses
Policy: The insurance contract
Premium: The price you pay for insurance

If You Need Counseling
The Counseling Center is located in the Wellness Center, on the ground floor of Hopkins Hall. Counselors are available to talk to students about a variety of issues, such as depression and anxiety. This is a free service for students and we advise you to take advantage of it. Treatments and records at the Counseling Center are confidential.