Awards for Global Study Tours

How do I apply for an award through the Summit Center for Global Learning?
As part of your application to a faculty-led program, you will also have the opportunity to complete an award application, due at the same time. The Center for Global Learning will use your application to find available awards for which you are eligible based on the requirements (e.g. GPA, major, or level of financial need) of the various awards for faculty-led programs.  A Committee will review all applications for content and eligibility. The decision on acceptance to the program and award amounts will be communicated at the same time.

What awards are available for faculty-led programs?
Awards vary based on both need and merit. 
  • A maximum award of $3,000 is possible based on merit or need. These awards come from a range of sources, including Summit and Donors.
  • Some faculty-led programs have additional funding from unique program-specific grants.
  • Some departments give out individual awards to students traveling on a faculty-led program related to the department, usually majors or minors.
  • Seniors are not eligible for awards, since travel takes place after graduation. 
So… how much should I plan to save?
Though you won’t know your exact award until your award application has been reviewed for need and/or merit requirements, you can use these examples to get a ballpark estimate of the maximum you are likely to need to contribute toward the program fee.
  No need Low need Moderate 
One of the following:
 - High need 
 - Merit 
Program Fee - example $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500
Other Summit, Department, Donor Award ($0) ($1,000) ($2,000) ($3,000)
Your anticipated contribution $5,500 $4,500 $3,500 $2,500

When will I find out about my award?
Award applications are due on the same day as your application to program. The committee that reviews awards will be reviewing your award application while faculty are reviewing the program applications. If you are accepted to the program, you will receive an acceptance letter and award amount at the same time.

For more information contact

Anna Lachkaya-Harris
Faculty-led Programs Coordinator