The Agnes Scott Society

This highest level of donor recognition is named for Agnes Irvine Scott (1799-1877), the namesake of the college. With strong faith and a lively intellect. she inspired her son George Washington Scott to name the college in 1889. Scott credited his mother "for all the good impulses of my heart and for all my hopes for the future." We honor the members of the Agnes Scott Society for 2015-2016, and thank them for making Agnes Scott a philanthropic society


Corporations and Foundations      

Anonymous The Coca-Cola Foundation
Emy Evans Blair '52 F
Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation
Aileen Kasper Borrish '41 * and Fred W. Borrish *      The Cousins Foundation Inc.
Mary Brown Bullock '66 and George D. Bullock F The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Sharon Jones Cole '72 F Fanz Foundation
Alice Davidson '66 F Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Nancy Edwards '58 * First Clearing LLC
Mary Lillias Garretson '33 * The Graves Foundation Inc.
Robert D. Gill * Hal and John Smith Family Foundation
Gail Savage Glover '66 and Marion B. Glover F J.B. Fuqua Foundation Inc. 
Frances Bailey Graves '63 * and William M. Graves The Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation
Romola Davis Hardy '20 * F The Kaufmann Fund
Mary Lou Cornwall Hawkes '65 and James B. Hawkes F       KELIN Foundation
Jane Coughlan Hay '42 Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Ann Henry '41 * The Marion B. and Gail S. Glover Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Daniel Holder '82 and Thomas M. Holder F Schwab Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Rhett Jones '73 and Gary T. Jones F United Way of Greater Rochester
Harriet M. King '64 and Michael G. Wasserman F U.S. Charitable Gift Trust James Hawkes Family Fund
Jeanne Kaufmann Manning '72 F
Frances Woodall Shank '40 *
Bernie Todd Smith '71 and Clifford W. Smith Jr. F
John E. Smith II
Judith Thompson '75 *
Martha Thompson '66 F
The Clyde C. Tuggle Family F