Parents of Alumnae

The Agnes Scott Society

Bernie Todd Smith ’71 and Clifford W. Smith Jr. F

The President’s Circle

Mary Duckworth Gellerstedt ’46
Angela Rushing Hoyt ’75 and William D. Hoyt F
Mitzi Kiser Law ’54 and Frederick B. Law Jr. F

The Founder’s Club

Mary Ann Courtenay Davidson ’46 and Jackson B. Davidson *
Sandra and K. Michael Davis
Joanna Wiedeman Quillen ’85 and Roger K. Quillen F

The Tower Circle

Nancy Brock Blake ’57 F
Martha Warlick Brame ’49
Joyce Cohrs F
T.F. Craft 
Barbara Byrd Gaines ’77 and Osie Gaines Jr. F
Harriett Griffin Harris ’56
Juanita Horne-Goldman and Barry Goldman F
Lea Ann Grimes Hudson ’76 and James W. Hudson F
Pamela Stanley McCaslin ’64 F
Lucy Herbert Molinaro ’64 F
Louise Hill Reaves '54 F
Helen and Richard A. Schneider 
Carolyn Herman Sharp '57 and Grant M. Sharp F
Edith Merrin Simmons '47
Florence and Kenneth E. Starling Jr. F
Catherine Garrigues Szelistowski '82 F
Martha Campbell Williams '62 F

Irvine Society 

Yolanda and Lee Adrean F
Martha Stackhouse Grafton ’30 F
Jo-Ann Pulice and Tim Farrow F
Elizabeth Hatfield Baddley ’67
Dale F. Halton ’59 F
Paula and John W. Saunders F
Angelyn Alford Bagwell ’60 F
Diana and Jeffrey E. Hartnett F
Jake B. Schrum and Jane Schrum F
Marsha and Kenneth Banasiewicz
Linda Lentz Hubert ’62 and Richard Hubert
May Muse Stonecypher ’56
Hazel Hall Burger ’57 F
Dianne Foster Isaacs ’61 F
Claudia Gazaway Stucke ’81 and
   Carl H. Stucke F
Randall Constantine 
Mary K. Owen Jarboe ’68 and James M. Jarboe F
Nancy Deal Weaver ’48 F
Mary Price Coulling ’49 F
Virginia Hays Klettner ’53 F
Dan C. West and Sidney West
Deborah Daniel-Bryant ’79 and
   William F. Bryant F
Ann Hanson Merklein ’55 F
Debra Gay Wiggins ’72 and
   Carlton E. WigginsF
Freddie Hachtel Daum ’51 F
Laurie and Mark Mitchell F
Alan Wilcox
Elizabeth Hanson Duerr ’58 F
Suzella Burns Newsome ’57 F
Leandra and Hugh WilliamsF
Anne Hagerty Estes ’47 F
Jacqueline Odom ’04
Agnes Scott Willoch ’55F
Grace Molineux Goodwin ’57 F Leoniece Davis Pinnell ’59 F Carol Reaves Wilson ’82F
Sarah Wolfe and Allan TurnerF

The Colonnade Club 

Kathie and Edwin AduddellF
Anna DaVault Haley ’51F Emily Evans Robison ’62F
Joanna Roden Bergstrom ’61F
Jayde Daniel Joseph ’90
Bonnie Stack Steger ’66F
Crystal Singleton Brown ’79F
Pamela and Stephen W. LoveF
Barney H. Timmins
Carol and William F. BryantF
Susan and John Mecholsky
Joanne Tremont and Gregory Celestan
Cliff Chan and D. Maurice CharlesF
Sarah Cumming Mitchell ’63 and
   F. Marion Mitchell IIIF
Linda and Wayne TylerF
Judith Barnes Crozier ’67F
Lyn Branstrom Montgomery ’68F
Harriet Holt Whitley ’66F
Peggy Thompson Davis ’71F
Julia Smith Prijatel ’72


The Gazebo Club 

James P. Alexander Jr. F
Susan McKnight Dougherty '06 F Linda Wilson Patton '71
Eleanor Swain All '56 F
Alva Edmondson and Lytt Gardner F
Janice Matheson Rowell '58 F
Rae Carole Hosack Armstrong'60 F
Stella Biddle Fitzgerald '56 and
   George H. Fitzgerald F
Mary Manly Ryman '48 F
Mary Hays Babcock '49 F
Eileen and George Gilmore F Margaret and Dennis M. Selvig F
Manie Boone Balch '52
Sandra Lever Harsh '95 
Helen Culpepper Stacey '59 F
Vickie and Craig Belton F
September and Tor Holstad F Margaret and Harry Stopp F
Diane Berkstresser
Elaine Harper Horton '68 F Sarah Elizabeth Taylor and
   Robert J. Parker F
Mary and Jerry Bigham F
Kathleen Horton F Kathleen and Paul Wagner F
Wende Caporale-Greene and
   Daniel Greene F
Bradley A. Kenney Grace Woods Walden '60
Martha and Samuel R. Casne F
Mary Edson Knight '64 Sharon and Joseph J. Walker F
Dawn and David H. Coe F
Marian Smith Long '64 F
Nancy Patterson Waters '60 F
Susan Constantine F Margaret Abernethy Martin '59 and
   James Martin Jr. F
Barbara Varner Willoughby '59 and
   Donald A. Willoughby F
Mark T. Coughran F Kathryn and Kofi McCleary Lynda Weizenecker Wilson '75 and
   Robert E. Wilson F
Athena and Olivier Danoy Cynthia and John J. Paschen F Amy Johnson Wright '70
Roxanne and Vincent DeHart F Vicky Campbell Patronis '66 F Patricia Schellack Wright '71 and
   Christopher E. Wright F


The Century Club

Margaret Shugart Anderson '62
Barbara George F Louise Hoyt Minor ’47 F
Jacquelyn Rountree Andrews '57 F Karen Payne Giddings and William Giddings Melissa and Floyd E. Mishoe F
Marion Richards Atwater '64 * and
   John Spencer Atwater F
Laura Sears Gossett ’71 F
Baudry and Stanley R. Mohney F
Margaret Bailey F Pauline Winslow Gregory ’59 F Betty Neal F
Marjorie and Mark S. Baker Gwen and Richard C. Hackney Jr.
Lebby Rogers Neal ’62 F
Kay Williams Barnard '77 F Margaret and Michael V. Haddad F
Gail and Robert O’Brien F
Pat Stokes Barnes '43 F Teressa Haeger F
Dale Bennett Pedrick ’47
Doris Riddick Berry '47 F Jeanette Hanson and Galo S. Velasco F Jean Donaldson Pervis ’57 F
Barbara Birt F Shelia Wilkins Harkleroad ’69 F
Mary and Dan Ponder F
Jennifer Bloomer-Segrest and Robert Segrest Lavinia Whatley Head ’57 Bess Sheppard Poole ’45 F
Elizabeth Holland Boney '52
Dale Drennan Hicks ’42
Joyce Seay Reid ’61 F
Linda Bowen-Mills and William K. Mills F Kathleen Costello Holm ’72 F Graham H. Rights F
Penny and Mark Bradley Rebecca Davis Huber ’68 F Nancy Blount Robinson ’59
Mary Anna Ogden Bryan '51 F Lisa Hunt and Bruce Farrar Helen Smith Rogers ’59 and
   Sam G. Rogers F
Nancy Lee Bryan '64 F Linda and John T. Hurt F George W. Ryan F
Pamela and James R. Bryant Elizabeth and John Ingwersen F Aracelis and Donald J. Scarbrough F
Mary Jane Schumacher Bullard '46 and
   Hoke V. Bullard Jr. F
Connie and W. Mike James Mary Louise Hunt Schneider ’63 and
   Arnie Schneider
Angela Byrd F Audrey and Robert W. Jewett F Kathleen and Matthew H. Shaul
Ann McBride Chilcutt ’61 Celetta Powell Jones ’46 Eloise and Stephen B. Shepherd F
Leckie and James M. Conners F Sherrilyn and Don Jones Anita Moses Shippen ’60 F
Carol and Craig Covic Jane and Rex Kaney F Teresa Carrigan Simmons ’63 F
Lennard Smith Cramer ’69 and
   D. Michael Cramer F
Sheila Kircharr Margaret Sheppard Slaton ’82 F
Tammy Crivelli Sara and Thomas Klein Alice and Philip Smith
Connie and William Cude F Dorothy Adams Knight ’51 F Lynn Williams Sox ’74 F
Margaret Chapman Curington ’70 F Jeanne and Robert Kraus Valerie and Roger E. Spencer F
Nancy Niblack Dantzler ’58 F Julia Lambert Sarah Garland St. Onge ’87 F
Lynn and Victor R. Donham F Margaret McManus Landham ’47 F Susan Stern F
Deborah Adams Dooley ’04 F Cecily Rudisill Langford ’58 F Pamela and Jeffrey Storz F
Sherry Durren ’88 Deborah and Homer E. Lee Edna Lowe Swift ’71 F
Patricia DuPont Easterlin ’79 Walter Limehouse F Elizabeth Swink F
Janice and Charles M. Edwards IIIF Edith Dale Lindsey ’42 Deborah and Richard Thomas
Mary Ann Turner Edwards ’45 Martha and John Liuzzi Miriam and Stanley Thomas
Darlene Eiford and Richard W. Burhenn F Nancy and Bruce F. Lohn F Dr. and Mrs. W. Phillips Tinkler
Barbara West Erwin ’53 F Helen Hendry Lowrey ’57 F Susan Pirkle Trawick ’77 F
Paulette and Ebenezer Erzuah F Asuncion Marin and Javier Reyes Valerie and Benjamin Vannoy
Rebecca Lacy Fleischman ’48 Mary and Joseph S. Marlowe F Suchin and Peter C. Wang
Jane Foster and Donald Stuber F Deborah McEdward F Susan Wells F
Jeanette and Robin Franzel Emily Parker McGuirt ’60 F Ilene Whitacre F
Carol Ann McKenzie Fuller ’70 F Virginia Brown McKenzie ’47 F Aricia and Jeffrey H. Whitton F
Lalitha and Thangavelu Ganesh Christine Engelhard Meade ’69 F Myra Dean and Larry Willard F
Robert C. Garrison Catherine and George E. Miller F Julia Clark Williams ’53 F
Lucinda and John Gaston III F Jane Weltch Milligan ’61 and
   David S. Milligan F
Karen Bittenbender Zauderer ’77 F
Jill Geiger and Jeffrey B.Goodman Jean Jarrett Milnor ’66 F Elaine Wilburn Zullo ’78 F


The Gateway Club 

Beverly and Thomas D. Atkeson F
Kelli and Charles A. Gaputis F
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Moreton
Jane Ayres and James Smith
Elizabeth Grafton Greer ’55 F
Nancy Parks Murray ’49 F
Susan and Michael S. Bach Patricia Hamilton
Paula Ball Newkirk ’56 F
Meshelle Barclay Doris and Sam Harris Asenath and Harold A. Pitner
Barbara and Dale Barnes F
Mervi Hatton F
Marganne Hendricks Price ’66
Diane and Robert H. Baum Kathleen and Timothy B. Hill
Joanna and Alan Reed F
Rosa and Jose Becerra F
Carolyn and Timothy A. Jacobs Alycia and David Robinson
Linda Berman Bibian Johnson Onalia Russell-Jamerson
Nancy and Kenneth Bisbee
Mary Jo Ammons Jones ’49 F
Mary Aichel Samford ’49 F
Kathleen Blackwell-Plank and
   Karl Plank F
Ange Kahn F
Kathleen Campbell Spencer ’73 and
   James L. Spencer F
Virginia Blankenship F
Denise and James O. Kempson Jr. F
Judith and George B. Stanton F
Celia Shackleford Booher ’84 F Barbara Kiefer-Konow Cindy and Stan Sudan F
Sylvia Bowyer and Richard Paul Monica Lake and Jay Keiper F Julia Mathias Taylor ’74 and
   John E. Taylor F
Mary Brazeale Rasma Lazda-Cazers and Gunars Cazers F Christopher Teare F
Barbara and Scott Briles F Rachel and Jean-Philippe Lesperance F Karen Toriello-Fite and James Fite
Cable and Chammon Brooks Miriam and William B. Lyons F Diane and Peter Troy
Martha and Leslie Caldwell Roberta Thorp MacLeod ’86 David Howard Turner F
Jamie and Rolland Callahan Beverly Mancuso ’04 Elizabeth Hatcher Wagner '76 F
Jeanne and Gary F. Carver F Carol Maragos Lillian and Quincey Washington
Sharon and Charles M. Cherry F Kenneth J. Maragos Yolande and Richard N. Welch F
B. Dale Clark  Maureen and Richard L. Mauney Kimberly Wheeler and Bruce J. Suilmann
Debora and Keith H. Cox Jeanne and Ross Mielke Christine and Artis Williams
Candace and James Criscuolo F Irma and Charles Miller F Evelyn Wilson F
Mary Meade Dean ’84 Sharon and James Millwood