Current Parents

The President’s Circle

Linda Martinson and
Andrew Stratton

The Tower Circle

Susan Lewis and David L. SnitmanF
Julia Little and William F. Vorder BrueggeF
Niranjali and Narhari RaoF

The Irvine Society

Mary and Steven M. Blount
Beatrice and Bernard P. CarrotF
Hsiaw-Lueh A. Chang
Tenzing Chounzom and
Jamyang Norbu
Lauren and David Kiefer
Paula and Saverio Paglioni
Kathy and John H. RallF
Craig B. Weber

The Colonnade Club

Anu Ashutosh and
Alexander Djordjevich
Usha and Vijay Balakrishnan
Fatima Zohra and Nadeem Afzal

The Gazebo Club

Ann Eiden
Anna Harlebaus and David Allison
Virginie and Bernard Kippelen
Dawn and Clanton Shipp
Sally and Michael J. ShoreF
Shanika Dawn SwiftF
Patricia and Joseph Trumbull

The Century Club

Iman Al Bashiti Pamela Golden Suzanne Root
Silvia Aldana and Santiago R. Torres Kelly and Freddie HawkinsF Alicia Rudin and Victor N. Rush
Josefina and Michael Bugay Venkatesh K. Janakiraman Maria Sanchez and Fabio Molano
Phyllis and David L. Burgess Brinders Jones and Myron L. Johnson Marie-Agnes and Thomas E. Scialfa
Diana Hollis Cain Linda and Eugene Josey Laura Simeon
Gena and Sam M. Chreiteh
Susan Kaplan
Ann and Asif Taufiq
Patricia and Steve Cochran Laura and Alan Katz
Ann Watkins Wallace and Charles R. Wallace
Richard Curtin
Doris Konneh
Peggy Watson
Beth Dalton and Brian Henning Romona and Willie L. Lawrence Bronwyn and Thomas Wolfe
Bernard Dean Sandra and Richard G. Lucarelli Carla and Michael A. Young
Manmohan Susan Morgan
Priscilla ZepedaF
Fatoumatta and Diedy Drame John P. Morris
Latonya and Bernard Edwards Jocelyne Paul
Kate and Stephen M. Ferguson Sandra and Stacy Pegues
Laura and Paul Fischer Mara and Thomas Piff
Rhonda Floyd-Turner and Rodney Turner  Muhammad Rashied

The Gateway Club

Annette and Paul M. Aryee Kimberly Jackson and Stacy Dennis Margaret Parsons and Timothy Edwards
Selese and Stephen Beasley Sonya Jackson Roberta Pietrobon and Michele Marcheson 
Wayne Bonlie
Kimberly and James Jarnot
Karen and Kevin P. Schaeffner
Yvonne and James D. Boone Barbie and Kenneth L. Jones Susan Scott
Maria and John Branson Stephen Kochert Jasmine Sharpley
Sheila and Willie D. Dade Clare and John T. LuegeringF Erica Steed
Amy and Andrew Davis Judith Maddon
Donna and Frank P. Vasi
Martha and Fidel Espinoza Malikah Marrus
Felipa Vazquez and Jesus ParraF
Mary Ann Ferguson and Daniel C. CarrollF
Ida-Ana and John Martel
Susan Vita
Kenyatta and Dewayne FrederickF
Doris and Napier Minor Cherry-Lee Ward
Chris Goodnight
Terence and Clyde M. Moore Terry Weber
Juliette and John Hightower Karen and Joseph Morrow Soobia Yaqub and Mohammed Y. Khan
Virginia HowardF Melody Overton and Kevin Fahey Rebecca and Ali A. Zemrani