The 1889 Society


The 1889 Society honors cumulative lifetime giving of $500,000 or more in cash and includes donors dating back to the founding days of the college. Members are honored for their exceptional generosity in a special induction ceremony. 


Anonymous Samuel Martin Inman*
Omah Buchanan Albaugh 1916* Elizabeth Fuller Jackson*
Lora Deloach Allums 1931* and John F. Allums* Anne Register Jones 1946* and Boisfeuillet Jones*
Pamela J. Bevier 1961 Elizabeth Rhett Jones 1973 and Gary T. Jones
Emy Evans Blair 1952* and H. Duane Blair* Jeanne Elizabeth Kaufmann 1972
Bradley-Turner Foundation The William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust
Mary Brown Bullock 1966 and George D. Bullock Harriet M. King 1964 and Michael G. Wasserman 
Patricia Collins Butler 1928* Mary Wallace Kirk 1911*
The Daniel D. and Elizabeth H. Cameron Foundation The Kresge Foundation
Andrew Carnegie* Laura Frances Lee 1938*
Carnegie Corporation of New York Isabella Wilson Lewis 1934*
Virginia Milner Carter 1940* Mary Jane Auld Linker 1943* and J. Burton Linker, Jr.*
The Coca-Cola Foundation Louise Franklin Livingston 1941* and Harry W. Livingston Jr.*
Helen Catherine Currie 1947* Charles Loridans Foundation, Inc. 
Mary Keesler Dalton 1925* The Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation
The Charles A. Dana Foundation Amelia Davis Luchsinger 1948* and John W. Luchsinger
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations James Manning
Mary Frances Davis* Elizabeth Warden Marshall 1938*
JoAnn Sawyer Delafield 1958 and J. Dennis Delafield The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Catherine Warren Dukehart 1951 Lucy Johnson Ozmer 1910*
Jessie Ball duPont Fund Donna Philips and Jim Philips*
Kate Durr Elmore 1949* The Presser Foundation
Lettie Pate Evans Foundation Harriet Pade Prouse 1925* and George A. Prouse*
Suzanne C. Feese 1984 Louise Hill Reaves 1954
J.B. Fuqua Foundation, Inc. Col. George Washington Scott*
Mary Lillias Garretson 1933* Margaretta Lumpkin Shaw 1952 and J.C. Shaw*
The General Education Board of New York Frances Marx Shillinglaw*
Georgia Independent College Association The Hal and John Smith Family Foundation
Sarah Bynum Gladden 1965 and Joseph R. Gladden, Jr.  Julia Thompson Smith 1931* and Hal L. Smith*
Gail Savage Glover 1966 and Marian B. Glover Mary Frances Sweet*
Flavel McMichael Godfrey 1968 and John Munro Godfrey Linda Grant Teasley 1961* and Harry E. Teasley, Jr.
The Goizueta Foundation Samuel E. and Mary W. Thatcher Foundation
Frances Bailey Graves 1963* and William M. Graves Judith Earl Thompson 1975*
Virginia Keller Gray 1957* The Clyde C. Tuggle Family
The Halle Foundation The Tull Charitable Foundation
Romola Davis Hardy 1920* Frances Winship Walters*
Mary Lou Cornwall Hawkes 1965 and James B. Hawkes Mary Ripley Warren 1953* and William C. Warren III*
Julia Ingram Hazzard 1919* and Linford B. Hazzard* Annie Louise Harrison Waterman 1896*
The Hertwig Family Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Nancy Thomas Hill 1956 Emily and Ernest Woodruff Fund, Inc.
Elizabeth Daniel Holder 1982 and Thomas M. Holder Irene King Woodruff* and George W. Woodruff*
The O.C. Hubert Charitable Trust Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
Jane Walker Inman*