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October 2021

Endowment Update

Ellwood Associates, the investment advisor for the Agnes Scott endowment portfolio, is happy to provide an update on the endowment to donors, alums and friends of the college. Ellwood has worked closely with the college's Board of Trustees, Investment Committee and staff to understand the needs and circumstances of the college and the endowment assets. Afer being hired in 2018, Ellwood has restructured the portfolio to better meet both the short-term and long-term goals of the college.

The portfolio performance continues to show meaningful improvement. For fiscal year 2021, the Agnes Scott endowment portfolio generated an investment return of 28%. The Ellwood Advised portfolio (which excludes cash, Coca-Cola stock and illiquid legacy investments) returned 31.4% for the fiscal year, compared to a benchmark return of 27.4%. The strong performance resulted in a fiscal year-end market value of nearly $246 million, the highest level the college has seen since 2015. Relative to other endowments, we also continue to trend in a positive direction. The Total Endowment portfolio beat 57% of similar-sized endowments in fiscal year 2021. If you exclude the high cash balance needed to accommodate spending, the portfolio outperformed 73% of peers.

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Farewell to Vice President for College Advancement Robiaun Charles

A reminder that Vice President for College Advancement Robiaun Charles has accepted a position as vice president with the global fundraising management consulting firm Grenzebach Glier and Associates. Her last day at Agnes Scott will be Oct. 15.

Over the past six years, Robiaun has challenged the college to think differently about its needs and the future of philanthropy. She has led college fundraising efforts to record levels with energy and creativity, strengthened alumnae engagement with the college, and revamped communications with alumnae and donors.

The Division for College Advancement and Office of Development looks forward to continuing Robiaun’s impressive fundraising efforts through this fiscal year and beyond. 

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Campaign for Main Update

The total amount raised for the Campaign for Main is now at $19.6 million (of the $31.8 million dollar goal). As we look to close out the much-need renovation, we need the support of the entire Agnes Scott community to raise the remaining $12.2 million to fund Phase III restoration work that will ensure all students can live — and thrive — ⁠on campus. Learn more and make your gift today!

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