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Frances Winship Walters Society

An Invitation to Join the Frances Winship Walters Society

Simply by letting Agnes Scott know you have included the college in your estate plans, you can become a member of this exclusive group honoring those who have made provisions for the future of the college. 

Frances Winship Walters, class of 1894 and a trustee of the college from 1937 through 1954, has been called the “second founder of Agnes Scott.” During her lifetime, she contributed generously and loyally to Agnes Scott, and upon her death left a gift that doubled the endowment at the time. Walters urged the college to think in bold terms—to strengthen the financial structure, to maintain high intellectual standards and to promote a spiritual life.

We honor her philanthropy and that of every legacy donor through the Frances Winship Walters Society.

Members of the Frances Winship Walters Society may be listed in the annual philanthropy report (or may choose anonymity) and receive a lovely gold pin/pendant.