We sent President Elizabeth Kiss off with one final gift from the Agnes Scott community before her tenure came to a close on June 30, 2018. Read below for messages to President Kiss from alumnae, parents and friends.



Thank you for everything EK! love, ek


It has meant so much to know you as my college president. I am so honored to be greeted so warmly by you every time I see you. Thank you! Not a "goodbye" but a "see you later!"
Love, Connor Day '15


President Kiss, you were the first person my parents and I met the day I moved into campus first year in August 2009. Thank you so much for your dedication, compassion, leadership, and so much more. Thank you so much for everything. We will miss you so much. England is lucky it got you!


Thank you President Kiss for being a wonderful support to staff, faculty and students. You will be missed!


Thank you for your leadership at Agnes Scott College. As a student, then alumnae, and now as a staff member, I always try to emulate your ability to lead by example. Whether it was saving water by not using a tray in the dining hall, or promoting our commitment to be carbon neutral, you engaged the social and intellectual challenges of our times in every part of your life. All the best on your journey!


President Kiss -- we began our journeys at Agnes Scott at the same time. While I left (graduated) eight years ago now, it seems far too soon for you to leave. I am so fortunate to have been witness to your remarkable achievements at Agnes Scott. Your legacy has and will continue to have deep and lasting significance to the women who pass through Agnes Scott's campus on their way to fulfilling their destinies. Thank you for all you do. Good luck in Oxford. I hear it's lovely!


Thank you for everything you have given to Agnes Scott through your tenure. You are leaving it a better institution for so many!


Thank you for your inspirational broadening of the college focus to include a greater understanding of our world.


Dear Elizabeth, you have inspired me so much in my time working here at Agnes Scott! Thank you for being a bright, shining light in so many people's lives!


President Kiss, thank you for everything you've done for Agnes Scott College. I feel so lucky to have attended during your tenure. Best wishes in your future endeavors!


Though the road to change is never easy, there are those rare true trailblazers whose work truly makes the path easier. Congratulations on your new role and heartfelt thanks for your many accomplishments at ASC.


Thank you for all you have achieved at Agnes Scott and Best Wishes for a Happy and Successful Future.


Dear President Kiss, Thank You So Much for ALL you did for my dear daughter Julia. With a great score on the MCAT and current job teaching in a charter school in Baltimore, she is beautifully prepared for whichever path she chooses.
God Bless You and Yours! Chris Teare


Dear President Kiss, thank you for everything you have done for Agnes Scott. Your legacy to the college will live on forever! I wish you safe travels and the best of luck on your next adventure!
Sincerely, Amandla Williams '19


You've done such an amazing job at Agnes Scott. Thank you so much for your vision and your dedication to all my little sisters!


Elizabeth, you have been such an inspiration and role model to me. You have brought out the best in all of us. I'll miss you and think of you often!


Thank you for your visionary leadership and faithful stewardship of our beloved college. Blessings to you as you go on to lead the Rhodes Trust.


You're a Phoenix for life, President Kiss. You have shaped my life in innumerable ways. You will continue to be a source of inspiration and energy for me. You embody the Agnes mission, and we are so incredibly lucky to have had you in our lives and in the life of our institution.


I will never forget all of your kindnesses shown to me as well as hundreds of others who will miss your vibrant spirit and loving soul. Best of luck to you and Jeff!


Gratitude and Blessings, my Friend!


Elizabeth, We(I) will miss your creative energy, commitment to justice, open arms to all things good, and joie de vivre! This is not farewell, but see you soon!


Thank you for continuing the legacy of Agnes Scott for all women who have passed through her gates!


We will miss you! And I hope we can visit you and Jeff at your next gig! ;)


Thank you for everything you've done for us (class of 2014) President Kiss! We will miss your enthusiasm and sparkle!!!


Thank you for your fine and innovative stewardship of the institution that means so much to so many women.


Thank you for the journey! May you always wear your years at Agnes Scott as a badge of honor! Best of luck on the next chapter in this adventure called life!


Best wishes and remember to take selfies in all your adventures!!


Thank you for taking ASC to the next level!


Thank you for all you have done for the college! I never met you personally but have been thrilled by your work and accomplishments!


Do great things! Rhodes is lucky to have you!


Thank you for sharing your vision and modeling with strength and compassion.


Thank you so much for the inspiration you brought to our community, President Kiss! You will be deeply missed.


Thanks P Kiss for everything you've done for this school. I will never forget seeing you for the first time at scholars weekend, celebrating at your senior open house party, and saying farewell at the alumni party in DC. :)


Thanks for teaching us foxes to be such feisty Scotties! We've grown so much under your leadership and you will be dearly missed.


Although I didn't attend while you were President, I admired what you have done for the college. Your leadership was tremendous and made me proud to be a Scottie.


Thank you for the time and commitment you gave to Agnes Scott as our president. As you move on to your next venture, I hope you leave knowing that you finished your tenure here with a job well done! All the Best!


Thank you for all that you have given to the Agnes Scott community. You will always be a Scottie in our hearts!


Thank you for inspiring us!


Thank you for leading all the wonderful women of Agnes Scott for the past 12 years! Wishing you the best in all your future endeavors.


Thank you for being an amazing president! You have made an positive impact on my alma mater, and I appreciate the strong legacy you have established. Here's wishing you all the best in the future.
All my best, Tawana Ware '96


Best wishes on your next phase!


Thank you President Kiss for embodying warmth and kindness.


I met you only once, at my 25th class reunion when you graciously hosted us at your home -- but I have been so impressed with your leadership of my beloved alma mater over the years. Thank you for everything you've done for Agnes Scott College. Best wishes for a wonderful future for you.


Thank you Dr. Kiss for all that you brought to Agnes Scott: vision, kindness, generosity, poise and illuminating charisma. Your leadership was meaningful and noteworthy. Thank you for your tenure.


President Kiss, thank you for the tremendous support and guidance you've given our wonderful college all these years. Your accomplishments in growing and enhancing ASC will forever be lauded with gratitude and respect. All the best on your next endeavor.
Sharon M. Tiller, Class of '89


Thanks for everything you've done for ASC. Best wishes for your future.


It was an honor and a great treat to serve on parents Council during the first four years of your tenure! You are the best! Warmest congratulations and good wishes for your new adventure.


Thank you for inspiring so many young minds for all these years!


Thank you for all your contributions to ASC! May your journey continue with joy and blessing...


Thank you for all you have done for Scotties past, present, and future!


Thank you...for everything. Wishing you the very best!


Thank you for everything you have done for ASC, and best of luck in your next venture!


Dear President Kiss, Thank you for all you have shared with the Agnes Scott community. Your enthusiastic and visionary leadership has enriched and expanded the vistas and world views of so many. May your new opportunities continue to bring the joy you have given us.
Sincerely, Martha Kessler


Wishing President Kiss all the best in her new life "across the Pond!"


Agnes Scott is a more vibrant and exciting community because of your leadership. Thank you for your energy and vision.


Dear President Kiss, thank you for your leadership and your stalwart support of the college for the last twelve years. We will be sad to see you go, but your legacy will stand as tribute to your engaged leadership here at Agnes Scott!


Congratulations on a phenomenal tenure at Agnes Scott. You will be missed! Best of luck in your new adventure.


President Kiss, your leadership has led Agnes Scott to new heights and new places around the globe! Thank you for building a community that has made me the Feisty Scottie I am today. You will be dearly missed!


Thank you for leading Agnes Scott so brilliantly for 12 years!


Thank you for all of the amazing work you have done for ASC!


Words cannot convey adequate thanks for your tireless efforts and the inspiring vision you brought to Agnes Scott. Our beloved alma mater is better positioned to meaningfully change both the lives of young women and the culture that they will lead after ASC ... because of you.


Thank you for all you have done for Agnes Scott. In addition to so many other qualities, your charm and energy will be greatly missed.


Thank you for all the years you've given to Agnes Scott.You can play in my cemetery anytime.
Cathy Vogel '70


Thanks for all you've done for ASC. Good luck in the future!


Thank you for your commitment and dedication to ASC. You were able to see new possibilities for current ASC students bringing our great institution into the 21st Century. I wish you all the best as you venture forth-I know you will energize and transform the Rhodes Trust as its first female leader.
With Warmest Regards Always, Maria Artemis


Our wee contribution to this collective gift can only signal that there is no amount of money sufficient to honor what you have given to Agnes Scott - new purpose, health, a future! You are much loved.


Elizabeth, Thank you for making Agnes Scott such a wonderful place for young women. You made me want to go back and do it all over again. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


The new ASC curriculum is so impressive with its global experience. I am proud to be an ASC alumna!


Elizabeth, Thank you for your years of service. You were a great president!


Thank you for your magnificent energy and inspiration - you will be sorely missed!


Wishing you the best and sending my deep gratitude for the new hearts you set afire during your time at Agnes.


Adios, Elizabeth. Thanks for being such a great leader for our College and for humanity. You do inspire. Enjoy your next adventure!


You have made a huge impact on ASC and global leadership, President Kiss.


A brief journey with an everlasting impact. In a world constantly telling us what to think, Agnes Scott taught me how to think. Thank you President Kiss and the entire ASC community for being the embodiment of God in my life..opening my mind, purifying my soul and helping me grow into a better person.
Love and respect, Rajoshi Seth, Class of 2015


President Kiss, You were an integral part of my education at Agnes. Even though we never interacted I felt just how loved and respected you were on campus by the way my professors and fellow students spoke of you. I wish you the best on your new chapter in life.


Fare thee well...


So proud to be associated with all the exceptional work you've done to advance Agnes Scott.
Many thanks, Carol


Elizabeth: Masses of thanks for all that you accomplished during your remarkable tenure at Agnes Scott. We will miss you. Here's to staying feisty!


Thank you for being such a shining beacon for Agnes Scott. You have taken our reputation higher than imagined and have been an inspiration for us all. You will be missed!


Thanks for your amazing time at ASC and best wishes in Oxford, a city I love!


Thank you for your service and brilliance, President Kiss! You will be missed even as your legacy continues.


Wishing you all the best for the future!


The measure of a woman is not in what she has, but in Who She Is. Thank you President Kiss for sharing who you are with so many. Thank you for touching the lives of the faculty, staff, students, and parents, in ways that we will treasure always!!!!!


Thanks for all you've done to make ASC greater, Pres. Kiss.


We will miss you, President Kiss! Thank you for your wonderful legacy.


Thank you and all best wishes!


You will be deeply missed. Best wishes and many blessings on your next fabulous adventure!


Best wishes and thank you!


Thank you, and very best of luck.


Dear President Kiss, I would like to that you for your leadership at Agnes Scott College. Every year our daughter returns home a little more confident. Your warm smile and friendly personality will be missed when we visit the campus. We wish you all the best on your new adventure and am thankful that our daughter has had the opportunity to learn from you in so many ways.
Sincerely, the Perchaluk family


Thanks so much for your many contributions to a wonderful college! And best wishes for your continued success!


Ben and I honor your legacy and the many lives you have touched, including our own. We wish you much success in England!


Your enthusiasm and vision for Agnes Scott students and graduates reached to Colorado. Thank you.


Thank you. It's been fabulous!


Thank you, President Kiss, for all you have envisioned for Agnes Scott and for all you have brought to fruition. Take good care of Phyllis!


President Kiss, It has been such a pleasure getting to know you over the years! Thank you for all you have done to support Agnes Scott and secure a wonderful place for young women to learn and grow. Best Wishes on your new career!
Patty Youngblood


Thanks SO much for giving of yourself for Agnes Scott College! It has been a huge pleasure to work for you the last 10 years!


Your first year was my last, and that was the year following my horrible car accident. You quoted me in your commencement speech that year, about ASC helping me to find my academic voice, and I will never forget how honored I felt!


Dear President Kiss, The Class of 1965 and I are so grateful to you for all the wonderful things you have done for Agnes Scott College during your presidency. You have taken our school to new heights! We hate to see you go, but we know that you will be a success in your future endeavors, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!
Sincerely, Nancy Leggett Bishop, Class Fund Chair


President Kiss is such a treasure and she will be greatly missed. I consider it an honor to have known her.


Thank you so much for your visionary leadership. You have made me proud to be an alumna, and proud of Agnes Scott's emphasis on diversifying its student body, global challenges. and intersectionality. Blessings to you in your next adventure!
Anne Callison Stokely, Class of 1977


You have done a superb job in service to Agnes Scott. Enjoy the next chapter in your life.


Thank you for all that you have done for Agnes Scott! Best wishes.


Congratulations on a job well-done!
With pride, respect, and gratitude, Jean and Jack Reeves


Your leadership has made such a positive difference in the lives of many!


Thank you, President Kiss, for your vision for Agnes Scott. I have wished many times that I could be a student again to experience the exciting programs and atmosphere that you have created. I can't wait to see what you do next and what is next for the college!
Best wishes, Kelly Holton, Class of 1995


Dear President Kiss, Thank you for making ASC a place where bright, motivated 21st century women can become their best selves, and for bringing the world to Agnes Scott. God Speed in your next journey!


Dear Elizabeth, It is a pleasure to work with and for you. You are a fundraiser's dream! Thank you for making my alma mater even better. The Rhodes Trust is fortunate to have you. Godspeed to you and Jeff on your next adventure!
With love and gratitude, Betsy Bilbro Huey '97


Thank you for the magic you brought to our beloved ASC!


Thank you for all you have done for ASC! Wishing you all the best on your new adventure.


We will miss your spirit!


Congratulations on 12 amazing years of service! Your feisty, trailblazing spirit will forever be a part of Agnes Scott College. It was an honor to work with you!


Thank you for being such a wonderfully feisty and positive role model for me and many others in our college years and beyond!


Thank you and Godspeed.


Thanks for your great leadership!


Thank you for your service! I've enjoyed sharing the good news of Agnes Scott that your vision and leadership made possible.


With deep appreciation for your lasting legacy for young professionals and our planet.


Your memory lives on, President Kiss! We send you off with a cavalcade of love and light. Thank you for growing ASC into the jewel it has become.


President Kiss so grateful for all you have done for ASC. It was a pleasure meeting you during our 35th Class Reunion. You are such a warm, friendly, and sincere person. Wish you the very best in your future endeavors.


Thank you for bringing the College to truly embrace the issues of the day.


Thank you for being such a caring, creative and "get it done" spirit who has so lovingly given of yourself to Agnes Scott and the greater community.


Thanks for your unbelievable leadership and changes you brought to Agnes Scott.


Thank you for SUMMIT! It is a fantastic program and has put ASC in the national spotlight. God bless you in your future adventures.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for your inspired leadership of the place that is so dear to me!


Thank you, President Kiss, for all you have done for Agnes Scott. You represent the ideal to which every Scottie can aspire. Best wishes in your new endeavor.


We will truly miss you! Thanks for all you did!


Good Luck, Elizabeth! Thank you for all you have done for Agnes Scott!


Thanks for the amazing spirit with which you led ASC!


May God continue to bless you as you enter a new chapter in life.


Thank you for the vision and energy you brought to ASC.


With the deepest gratitude and respect! We have been so fortunate to have you at the college.


It has been an honor to know you as President of Agnes Scott. Your dedication has been obvious. We know you will continue to shine your Light in years to come. Best of Luck to you and yours -- we will miss you!


Best wishes as you undertake an exciting new journey!


Than you for enhancing the quality of education at Agnes Scott College. May God continue to bless you with creative and innovative ideas to make gift of learning better. May God give you abundant health, wealth and peace of mind. May God's favor be upon you and you husband.
Blessings, Gayle Jordan


Thank you for all you did for ASC.


Blessings for your life forward with gratitude for your important imprint at Agnes Scott. You will not be forgotten!
Carol Hightower, class of 1969


You have been an amazing leader in every possible way--right down to the conga line at alumnae weekend. Thank you for all you have done to keep Agnes Scott a place of opportunity, academic excellence, and excitement!


Thank you for taking Agnes Scott to the next level.


We entered Agnes Scott together in 2006, when I was a nervous, bumbling first-year. Your warm, welcoming persona comforted me when I needed it. After meeting you at orientation, I was confident in my choice of school. Then, when I graduated on May 8, 2010, you remembered it was my birthday and wished me a happy one as you handed me my diploma. That meant so much. You mean so much in my cherished memories of college. Thank you.


I can't thank you enough for all you did for my beloved college. I appreciated your dedication to every member of the ASC community. It warmed my heart every time I saw an informal, fun photo of you with students and alumnae, as it displayed how "down to earth" you are. Blessings to you as you begin a new chapter in your story!


Thank you for your extraordinary leadership and your support of Georgia WAND! You've had a record-breaking run, and I look forward to continuing supporting the college in its next endeavors!


Thank you!!!