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Bell Tour Gigapixel Tour

Bell Tour Gigapixel Tour

The Bell Tower of Main Hall is the symbolic heart of Agnes Scott. As the exciting and critical renovations of the building continue through the Campaign for Main, we recognize our responsibility as faithful stewards to our most historic building. The thousands of Scottie signatures in Main's Bell Tower will now live on forever through an incredible gigapixel 360° digital panorama tour. 

A gigapixel panorama is a panorama containing more than one billion pixels, or 1000 megapixels. The level of detail in a gigapixel panorama can easily surpass that seen by the human eye. This tour is designed for users to zoom in all the way to explore the minute details of the Bell Tower and the thousands of signatures on its walls. Zoom in all the way to find your signature!



Tips on viewing the gigapixel 360 digital tour.

  • Users can view the tour in a separate browser tab, here.
  • Change where you are looking by clicking and holding the mouse or by moving your finger with a touchscreen device.
  • Click the white icons (circle on the ground, up/down arrows, stair graphic) to change the vantage point of the tour.
  • Zoom in (with your mouse, controls on the screen, or fingers for touchscreen devices) all the way to see the best detail.
  • If the tour looks blurry or disorienting, try zooming in until the picture becomes more in focus.