The Fund for Agnes Scott

  • Provides a critical six percent of the college's current day-to-day operations budget.
  • Influences college rankings and the funding decisions of corporations and foundations.
  • Helps establish a culture of philanthropy that is vital to the success of Agnes Scott and its students.

While larger portions of the operating budget come from tuition and the endowment, The Fund for Agnes Scott is essential to the financial health of the college and must be renewed every year. An annual gift of $2,000 to The Fund for Agnes Scott provides as much budget impact as a gift of $50,000 to the endowment!

The Fund for Agnes Scott is counted by fiscal year, unlike a calendar year but similar to an academic year, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. You may direct your gift to The Fund for Agnes Scott to one of three specific purposes:

Student Scholarships: Agnes Scott is committed to financial accessibility and socioeconomic diversity among its students, and offers competitive merit-based financial aid to top-performing scholars.

Faculty Support: By recruiting and retaining accomplished teacher-scholars, Agnes Scott ensures that student achievement remains a priority. This support encourages faculty scholarship and enables professors to implement innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

Presidential Priorities: These funds provide unrestricted support that may be used to address the current, most pressing needs of the college.