Spring 2015 Global Awareness Travel

Agnes Scott College prepares you to think, live and engage -- globally. The Global Learning components of the SUMMIT curriculum at Agnes Scott equip students to understand and navigate our increasingly “global” world. This past spring, first year students took trips to Brazil, Chile, New York City, Paris and Trinidad & Tobago. Here are a few snapshots of their journeys. 


Global Awareness-Health and International Development in Brazil: Students studied economic development, rural/urban health, and gender empowerment as examples of international development work. Students also learned about the practicalities of health-seeking and the relationships between biomedical healthcare and traditional healing practices in Brazil.


Professor Amy Lovell said of the trip  to Chile she co-led with professor Mike Schlig: "We saw world class scientific installations in incredibly remote places, and pondered the technical and human challenges (and benefits!) those locations present.  I happily witnessed students trying new things, eating new foods, overcoming their fears, communicating without a common language, and asking thoughtful questions...I even did some of these things myself!"

New York City

Dramatic Leadership: After studying portrayals of leaders in dramatic literature students immersed themselves in ideas and artistry in New York City. Using Midtown Manhattan and Times Square, "The Crossroads of the World," as a base, participants attended Broadway shows and visited museums to gain perspective on many forms of expression. They also took backstage tours, talked to artists and performers, and met people from across the country and around the globe.


Fashion Matters - The class focused on the role of Paris as a primary site of fashion creativity, innovation, commerce, history, politics, and controversy. Specific issues for scrutiny included: the fashion system, fashion capitals, feminism and fashion, film and fashion, and fashion as an expression of gender and ethnic identities.