Summer School

Enjoy Your Summer and Make It Count

Advance your academic goals by taking summer school courses with prestigious faculty at a nationally ranked liberal arts college. With a variety of courses offered, you will find just the ones you need. Reap the benefits of a summer well spent—with online and on campus courses from Agnes Scott.

  • Session I: May 31-June 30, 2016
  • Session II: July 5-Aug 4, 2016


The program is open to current Agnes Scott students.

All students taking an online course must be living either

  1. within the state of Georgia,
  2. within a SREB participating state, or
  3. outside the 50 United States of America

at the time of the scheduled online course.  Please see the state authorization page for more detail.

Click here to learn more about the courses, tuition & fees and how to register for summer school at ASC.

SUMMER SESSION I (May 31-June 30, 2016) SUMMER SESSION II (July 5-Aug 4, 2016)

ART-144/244: Visual Thinking-Digital/Digital Processes combined course (on campus)
Instructor:Nell Ruby

AST-120/120L: The Solar System, with lab (online)
Instructor: Paul Wallace

CHI-101: Elementary Chinese I (online)
Instructor: Jing Paul

DAN-315: Choreography I (on campus)
Instructor: Bridget Roosa

ENG-230: Topics in Film Study: Romantic Comedy (online)
Instructor: Willie Tolliver

FRE-201: Intermediate French I (online)
Instructor: Julia Knowlton

MAT-115: Elementary Statistics (online)
Instructor: Alan Koch

PSY-101: Introductory Psychology: Biological Foundation and Cognitive Processes (online)
Instructor: Bonnie Perdue

WS-100: Introduction to Women's Studies (online)
Instructor: Kelly Ball

ANT-101: Cultural Anthropology (online)
Instructor: Martha Rees

ART-144/244/344: Visual Thinking-Digital/Digital Processes/Digital Processes Advanced combined course (on campus)
Instructor:Nell Ruby

CHI-102: Elementary Chinese II (online)
Instructor: Jing Paul

EDU/ENG-320: Literature for Children and Young Adults (online)
Instructor: Toby Emert

FRE-202: Intermediate French II (online)
Instructor: Philip Ojo

FRE-232: French/Francophone Civilization and Culture (online)
Instructor: Julia Knowlton

HIS-101: Europe from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment (online)
Instructor: Yael Manes

PSY-102: Introductory Psychology: Development, Social Behavior, and Individual Differences (online)
Instructor: Carrie Brown

PSY-200: Developmental Psychology (online)
Instructor: Carrie Brown

WS/PH-225: Issues in Women's Health (online)
Instructor: Kelly Ball