March 13-18, 2016

Peak Week is a fun and engaging week of global, leadership, social and personal development programs exclusively for upperclass students. From March 13-18, students will not have classes, and instead will have the freedom to pursue in-depth workshops and experiences alongside exciting social options in a conference-like environment. Residence halls and campus services are open for students actively participating in Peak Week activities.

Peak Week programs and sessions are intentionally designed to:

  1. Address/raise awareness for a global issue and present solutions
  2. Prepare students for life beyond and after Agnes Scott College
  3. Work to richly develop individual personal growth and development

Throughout the week of March 13-20, students will have the opportunity to engage in sessions outside of their normal classes. The schedule below shows the structure of each day with proposed sessions such as:

  • Interactive Workshops led by faculty and staff on topics like -Isms in the Workplace; Researching Organizations for Career Success; The Entrepreneurial Musician; Arduino: Electronics for Everyone
  • Career Treks to visit and learn about careers in Nonprofits; Consumer Packaged Goods; Sports Management
  • Etiquette workshops
  • Community Engagement opportunity at Junior Achievement, an interactive simulation designed to help young people understand a global economy, as well as a Green Service Initiative with Trees Atlanta
  • Grad School Bootcamps in various disciplines
  • Financial literacy sessions
  • Digital literacy workshops
  • Recreation and leisure sessions including golf, archery, yoga, and canoeing/kayaking 
  • Adulting 101 tutorials like AutoOwnership101; HomeDepot-Inspired DIY; Outdoor Survival
  • Social Programs and Off-campus Excursions

For full details about Peak Week, visit the SUMMIT website.

Schedule at a Glance

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