Ukraine and Russia in Crisis: Ukraine’s Long Revolution, Kremlin Politics and the Ethnic Factor. 

Tuesday March 5

7 p.m.

Location: Katherine Woltz Reception Room, Rebekah Scott Hall
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has produced sharply divergent narratives of both recent and not so recent events, and clashing loyalties and value systems.  Pinning down the historical roots of the war and listening to voices across the political, social and ethnic spectrum is central to understanding the nature of the tragedy that is still unfolding. This roundtable explores the dynamics of Ukraine’s long revolution, which goes back to the last years of the Soviet Union, the factors that influence Putin’s policies, the role of nationalism, and the place of Crimea and its indigenous population in the conflict.


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Roundtable Participants

Serhy Yekelchyk is Professor of History at the University of Victoria, Canada.  He works on Russian-Ukrainian relations, Stalinism, memory and Ukrainian identity. Dr. Yekelchyk is the author of a number of books on Ukrainian history including Ukraine: Birth of a Modern Nation (Oxford UP, 2007), translated into Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Thomas F. Remington is Goodrich C. White Professor of Political Science at Emory University.  He studies the development of political institutions in transitional states. Dr. Remington is the author of a number of books on Russian politics including The Politics of Inequality in Russia (Cambridge UP, 2011).

Madina Goldberg is Kirk Visiting Scholar in History at Agnes Scott College.  She works on the social and cultural history of Russia’s Muslim communities. Dr. Goldberg’s book project, Tatar Theater-Russian Empire:  The Politics of Culture in Late Imperial and Soviet Kazan, explores the dynamics of Muslim modernism and Tatar identity.

Dr. Kerry Pannell became Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the College at Agnes Scott College on July 1, 2014, after serving as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of the College for one year.



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