January 16-18, 2015

Women’s Colleges around the world play a special role in the global movement to educate and empower women to be successful, strong and responsible leaders and citizens in issues of sustainability.  This global gathering of women’s college presidents and chief academic officers will explore how we can advance our efforts to promote women’s leadership in issues such as food security, sustainability of natural resources and environmental justice and enhance the effectiveness of women’s colleges as catalysts for community development and social change. 

Co-sponsored by Women’s Education Worldwide and the Women’s College Coalition, the Women, Leadership and Sustainability Conference will provide an opportunity for member institutions from these two overlapping consortia of women’s colleges to come together, learn from one another, build new friendships, and explore future partnership opportunities. 

You may register online at http://wew-wccconference.com/ and find more information about the conference schedule, hotel and travel.  Please refer to the website throughout the summer for more information about the program and speakers.