China in the World, the World in China

Tani Barlow

Thursday, Oct. 30, 7 p.m.
Evans Hall, Terrace Level

Tani BarlowIn this presentation, renowned China scholar Tani Barlow will share her insights into questions of leadership and inequality in China today, paying particular attention to the geopolitical frameworks commonly invoked to explain China's place in the world, such as the Washington Consensus and the Beijing Consensus.  This discussion will aim to help the audience understand the limitations of global-scale geopolitics.  By using film clips and statistics, she will demonstrate both the depth of the problems facing the People's Republic of China and the fascinating way in which the government infrastructure plans for the future and recruits proficient officials at every level.  In conclusion, she will discuss the world-scale nature of problems in China, arguing for the need of people in the United States to grasp the extent of these problems and the range of solutions being put forward.

Professor Tani Barlow is the inaugural director of the Chao Center for Asian Studies at Rice University (2008–13), former director of Critical Asian Studies at the University of Washington, and the founding senior editor of positions: Asia critique.