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Photo Voices Exhibit

Seeing In, Seeing OutEach year, the Office of International Education holds a photo contest (Photo Voices) and a video contest (Global Takes) in an effort to showcase the impressions ASC students, staff and faculty have of the new cultures they encounter. This includes all students who study abroad outside of the United States, as well as international students who are studying abroad in the U.S. Winning photos are on display now through Sept. 30 in the Alston Campus Center Gallery on the ground floor.

This photo is titled “Seeing In, Seeing Out” and was taken by Katie Criscuolo ’14 in Amsterdam. Katie writes:

 “The Dutch dislike curtains; they prefer the world to see in their homes, and vice versa. Although seeing families eating dinner on my walk home felt strange at first, there is something comforting about knowing that your neighbors have nothing to hide.”

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