Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Office of Facilities located?

The Office of Facilities is located in the warehouse building at 401 E College Ave, next to the Avery Glen Apartments.

How do I contact the Office of Facilities?

The Office of Facilities can be contacted over the phone at 404-471-6331 or by email at

Where do I submit a work order?

Work Orders are submitted through Asset Essentials by Dude Solutions.

Log-on to Asset Essentials using your phone or desktop with your Agnes Scott credentials. You can also download the Asset Essentials app for IOS or Android, and log-on using the client ID "AgnesScottCollege" as one word.

How do I submit a work order?

Once you are logged-on to Asset Essentials, submit your work order by clicking on "My Requests". Click the button for "+ New". Be sure to include your location, the work category, room number, and details. You are able to upload a picture if you choose to do so. 

From the "My Requests" page, you will also be able to check the progress of any open work orders you've submitted and who is assigned to perform the task. 

How do I reach the Office of Facilities on weekends, after business hours, or on holidays?

If you are a student with an after-hours facilities request, please contact your RA on-call. If you are a faculty or staff member, please call Public Safety’s non-emergency line at 6355.