Campus Calendar Checklist

Phase I: Checklist

  • Preferred date and alternate date
  • Event name
  • Event Description (at least a short description of the event)
  • Event Type (streamlined/broad title academic class, community event, information session, lectures & presentations, meeting, performances & exhibits, reception, sports & recreation, ceremony & banquets, student activity, training & workshops)
  • Time
  • Size of audience
  • Location (if an outdoor event, an indoor location must be included as an alternate)
  • Does your desired space require approval? See the location approval directory in “The Guide”
  • Contact information (must have two points of contact and a valid phone number)
  • Catering needs

Phase II Checklist

  • Submit an event to the Calendar Manager for date review and approval
  • Once the Calendar Manager approves the request, the event planner can submit to EMS
  • Setup needs to be finalized (making sure facilities can accommodate requests)
  • Event planner receives a confirmation number for the event
Divisional Calendar Managers

Academic Affairs

Thomaysa Stinson


Sharon Burt

Business & Finance

Amanda Garlin

Communications & Marketing

Nneka Nwaobi


Anna Platt


 Leah Owenby


Shana Brewton

Student Affairs

Karissa Tedesco