Event Priority Scheduling Policy

The Priority Scheduling Policy was designed and approved by the College Leadership and the Registrar’s Office.  Each priority is designed to classify the many different types of events that are crucial to the overall function of the college and present them in an order that creates an easy flow to campus event planning.  

Events, to include dates and times,  for the upcoming fiscal year should be submitted to your divisional Calendar Manager for approval prior to submission to the Campus Calendar. The following timeline has been established to ensure the Campus Calendar is accurate as of July 1:

  • Priority 1 (January - March)
  • Priority 2 (April)
  • Priority 3 (May)
  • Priority 4 (June)

Annual events listed as part of the academic calendar have first priority for scheduling of all campus facilities.  Each group responsible for events listed below will have first choice of available dates within the timeframe listed above.  Dates submitted after your priority time frame are not guaranteed and will be based on first-come; first-serve availability.

Divisional Calendar Managers

Academic Affairs  Thomaysa Stinson 
Advancement  Sharon Burt 
Business & Finance  Amanda Garlin 
Communications & Marketing  Nneka Nwaobi
Enrollment  Anna Platt
Faculty  Leah Owenby
President  Shana Brewton
Student Affairs  Karissa Tedesco

To have an Event assigned a specific scheduling priority:


  • Submit request containing the event name and relevance to the Planning Calendar Committee chair, Demetrice Williams at dwilliams@agnesscott.edu.
  • Planning Calendar Committee reviews to determine best priority level.
  • Recommendations for Priority 1 level are submitted to the College Leadership by the chair of Planning Calendar Committee


Priority 1 - Core Campus Events:  There are to be no competing events with Priority 1 events.

Event  Division/Office/Department 
Academic Courses and Annual Events listed as part of the Academic Calendar Registrar Office 
Registration- Fall and Spring Registrar Office 
Registration-Summer School Registrar's Office 
Summer School schedule Registrar's Office
Reading Day- Fall and Spring Registrar's Office and Extended Programs
Exams- Fall and Spring
Campus Holidays/Breaks/Fall Break/ Spring Break Registrar's Office
Baccalaureate Special Events and Community Relations
Commencement Special Events and Community Relations 
Orientation Student Affairs 
Welcome to Decatur Day  Special Events and Community Relations
Senior Investiture & Opening Convocation: Day before the 1st Day of Classes/Fall Registrar's Office & Special Events and Community Relations 
MLK Convocation  Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion 
Phi Beta Kappa initiation and banquet  President's Office 
Board of Trustees  President's Office 
Black Cat Week Center for Student Involvement 
Founders Day President's Office


Priority 2 - Yearly Campus Events


Alumnae Weekend Alumnae Relations
Alumnae Leadership Conferences  Alumnae Relations
Cultural Events Series  Pending
Great Scott  Admission
Achievement Weekend  Admission
Admission Events (Visit Days) Admission
Scholars Weekend  Admission
Sophomore Family Weekend  Admission
Writers' Festival  English Department
Women's History Month Speaker  Women's Studies/Academic Affairs
Faith and Learning  Religious Life/Center for Student Involvement 
President's Holiday Party for Students  President's Office & Special Events and Community Relations 
President's Holiday Party for Faculty and Staff President's Office & Special Events and Community Relations 
Athletics Banquet  Athletics Department 
Dean's Colloquium Dinners  Dean of the College & Academic Affairs 
Dabney Hart Dinner and Lecture  Academic Affairs 
Spring Fling  Center for Student Involvement 
SpARC Academic Affairs 
Awards/Honors Convocation  Dean of the College & Academic Affairs 
Bonnie Brown Johnson Program  Dean of the College & Academic Affairs 
Budget Convocation (Fall/Spring) Business & Finance 
Community Day Human Resources & Staff Council 
Alumna in Residence Program Academic Affairs & Alumane Relations 
Decatur Book Festival  Special Events and Community Relations
Gladden Lecture Series  President's Office & Special Events and Community Relations
O.C Hubert Lecture  Academic Affairs 
Monthly Faculty Meetings  Faculty Services & Academic Affairs 
Former Trustee Event  President's Office


Priority 3 

Student Activities  Center for Student Involvement 
Student Groups Center for Student Inolvement 
Faculty Staff Meetings Respective Departments
Wellness Center Sponsored Events Human Resources 
Department Cultural Events (Art, Astronom, Dance, Music  Respective Departments
ACME Lectures  Academic Affairs 
Housing Lottery  Residence Life 
Pancake Jam Center for Student Involvement 
Think, Live, Engage  Global Diversity & Inclusion 

Priority 4



Off-Campus Groups/Community  Special Events and Community Relations 
Rentals/Revenue  Athletics & Special Events and Community Relations