Campus Calendar Instructions for Faculty and Staff



  1. Go to
  2. Select “Faculty and Staff” button under the Calendar Submission Process section
  3. Login in here: Username: (your ASC email address)
  4. Password: scottie10 (generic password for everyone) -  You have the ability to change your password by going to: My Account: Edit My Account: Type in new password
  5. If the password is not working, please send an email to for support.

At this point, you can BROWSE, MAKE ROOM REQUESTS, or REVIEW REQUEST status

Browse calendar for space availability

  1. Go to “my Options” and then to “room request”
  2. Select Browse for space
  3. Select Filter option in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Select the date and space you want to browse and click apply
    1. If the space has a blue line (large and /or small) on the date you have chosen the space is not available.  Place your pointer on the blue line and it will give you the event name and details.
    2. If the event name and details do not show up, the space is being held confirmed private because the details for event name and time are not final, but it is not available because there is a blue line blocking the space

Make a room request

  2. Select ROOM REQUEST
  3. Complete the request form beginning with the “When and Where” section
    1. Date
    2. Time - This is the START and END time for your event.  Please include additional set up time needs in the “Other Information” section of the form
    3. Facilities, Room & Attendance (Note: the attendance section will not accept multiple numbers)
    4. Check Availability

This feature will let you know immediately if the space is available for your requested date and time.

It will also list other space in the building that you requested that are available.

    1. Details - anything with a RED star is mandatory

Required details for each event are listed as REQUIRED FOR EVERY EVENT; checkbox by each item listed; numbers not required.

      1. Custodial, Mechanical, Public Safety - Please make sure all of these items are checked.


The Campus Calendar has features that can also help you easily find events you may want to attend or promote your event to on and off campus individuals.  Click Here  for more information.


  • All requests are processed on a first-come; first-serve basis by date and time of receipt. A space is not guaranteed; event announcements should be sent AFTER receipt of reservation confirmation from the Office of Special Events and Conferences, please allow up to four (4) business days for confirmation.
  • Please complete out the Event Request Form COMPLETELY- all contact and set up information is vital to your reservation.  
  • Do not assume that equipment or furniture is in a room.  Be sure to include what you need for your event to ensure that those items are in the space requested.
  • All events/use of campus facilities must be requested through the Office of Special Events at  Contacting the Facilities Office for set up without a confirmation number will only delay the reservation process.
  • The Campus Calendar only adds the information that is listed on the Event Request Form. If you do not add an item, you will not have it at your event.
  • Requests submitted less than 15 business days from the event day requires your divisional Vice President’s signature to obtain reservation confirmation.  Event requests made less than 15 business days can be submitted virtually, but a paper copy of the event request form with the appropriate VP signature must be submitted to our office before the event will be processed and approved.

The Office of Special Events and Conferences is located in the Presser Hall, Room G-21. Please contact the Campus Calendar Office at x6902 or for questions.


Some spaces require special approval.  Please get permission from appropriate staff members listed below and submit approval with you Event Request Form.   See the list below:

  • Alston Campus Center G-7 Student Affairs (Shinade Ramirez)
  • Alumnae House Tea Room (Special Events and Community Relations-Staff & Faculty Only)
  • Bradley Observatory – Physics Department (Chris DePree)
  • Classrooms-Registrar’s Office (Mary White)
  • Dalton Gallery, Dana Fine Arts Building – Art Department (Leah Owenby)
  • Dieckmann Conference Room – President’s Office (Shana Brewton)
  • McCain Library Elmore, Room 211, Terrace- (Elizabeth Bagley)
  • Tull Conference Room (115), Campbell Hall – (Thomaysa Stinson - Staff & Faculty Only)
  • Woodruff Gym – (Athletics - Jacques Wells)
  • President’s Dining Room - (President’s Office -Shana Brewton)
  • Winter Theatre, Dana Fine Arts Building – (Theater Department - David Thompson)

Once space is approved, please forward approval email along with event space reservation request to