Campus Calendar Instructions for Students


Step 1Check Availability

Forms must be submitted AT LEAST 3 weeks prior to your event. So start planning early!
To see if a room is available visit:

Browsing the Campus Calendar

Step 2Do you need approval?

Some rooms on campus are overseen by various departments and need approval before a reservation can be made.  If you are looking to use any of the spaces below please check with the Approver and obtain permission before submitting.  Any requests received for these spaces without approval with be returned.



Alston Commuter Lounge Commuter President
Bradley Observatory Chris DePree
Any Classroom (except Buttrick G-4)

Mary A. White

Dalton Gallery

Leah Owenby

Gymnasium Christina A. Randolph
Winter Theatre David Thompson
Frannie Graves Auditorium Campus Calendar

Step 3Submit the Form

Student Room Request Form

Submit the completed form to for processing.