Campus Calendar Instructions for Faculty and Staff


Checking for Space Availability 

You can now search for space availability on campus.

  • This feature is accessible whether you are logged in or not.
  • This feature also shows events whether listed as “Confirmed” or “Confirmed Private”

To Check Space availability:

1.)    Go to

2.)    Go to Browse

3.)    Choose Browse for Space

4.)    Go to Filter (if the room that you are looking for is not immediately listed)

5.)    Check the availability of the room and the time you would like

6.)    The shading of an area (yellow or gray) means that the space is occupied

7.)    Hover over the shaded area to see Details for that particular event

            a.) If no details appear when you hover, then the event is listed as “Confirmed Private”

To Get Room Details:

1.)    Click on the room that you would like (it will be on the left hand side in Blue)

2.)    Click on set up type to see how the room can be set up

3.)    Click on Features to see what comes in the room

4.)    Click on the pictures of either the room or building to enlarge it

With this you can:

            See room capacity

            Pictures of the Building & Rooms

            Particular details or rules for each room

Note: We are still uploading pictures and gathering information regarding each room so at the moment information for some spaces might not be provided.


Making Room Reservations 

To access the Web Reservations:

1.)    Go to

2.)    Go to My Account

3.)    Go to Login

4.)    Username:

5.)    Password

                  Note: You have the ability to change your password by going to:

                              a.) My Account

                              b.) Edit My Account (you must be logged in to get this option)

                              c.) Type in new password

      6.) Reservations

      7.) Room Requests

Entering Date, Time & Location:

1.)    The “When and Where” box

2.)    Date:

                  a.) click on the calendar next to the box or type in the date (ie 6/24/09)

3.) Start & End Time (This is the time of the EVENT)

                  a.) Click on the clock next to the box or type in the time (ie. 6:30pm)

4.) Facilities, Room & Attendance

                  a.) Choose a building and then a room

                  b.) Type the approximate number of guests

                              1.) It will NOT accept multiple number (ie. 10-20)

5.) Check Availability

                  a.) This feature will let you know immediately if the space is available for your requested date and time.

                  b.) It will also list other space in the building that you requested that are available.


1.)    Anything with a RED star is mandatory

2.)    Required details for each event are listed as REQUIRED FOR EVERY EVENT

a.)    Custodial

b.)    Mechanical

c.)    Public Safety

* Please make sure all of these items are checked (if not I will entering these items)

Campus Calendar Tips Faculty/Staff room request form 17-18-planning-calendar-snapshot.png
Campus Calendar tips Faculty/Staff Room Request Form 2018-2019 Planning Calendar