The English Department brings noted creative writers and literary scholars to campus to give readings and lectures for the campus community. Since 2010, we have called this series the Writers & Scholars Series, and we host several events each semester. Our Writers & Scholars Series emphasizes national and international diversity in its speakers and in its topics, while also showcasing the best of Atlanta’s numerous literary and scholarly communities. Speakers selected for the Writers & Scholars Series connect with all aspects of our literature and creative writing curricula and frequently hold cross-disciplinary interest. 

The Writers & Scholars Series is pleased to announce its program for 2020-2021!

  • Fall 2020
    Anna Cabe ‘13, in conjunction with the Kirk Series, 16 September, 7:30 p.m.
    Robert Meyer-Lee, 21 October, from Literary Value and Social Identity in the Canterbury Tales
    Victoria Chang, in conjunction with the Kirk Series and the Georgia Poetry Circuit, 13 November


  • Spring 2021
    David Kirby, in conjunction with the Kirk Series and the Georgia Poetry Circuit, 10 February, 6:30 p.m. February 10
    James Stamant, February 24, from Competing Stories: Modernist Authors, Newspapers, and the Movies
    Tiana Clark, in conjunction with the Kirk Series and the Georgia Poetry Circuit, April 7


All events are free and open to the campus community and to the public. Events are at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise
indicated, and will be held virtually this academic year.  Please see the calendar for more information about
how to register.

The Writers & Scholars Series is made possible by the Wendy Williams Speakers Fund, the Writers & Scholars Series Fund, and the Thomas G. Snow Fund, as well as by annual gifts from alumnae and campus community members.

Previous Writers & Scholars Series Speakers:

  • Jim Abbot, scholar
  • Haider Al-Kabi, essayist
  • Kazim Ali, poet and essayist
  • Dorsey Armstrong, scholar
  • Brian Artese, scholar
  • Charlotte Artese, scholar
  • Deepika Bahri, scholar
  • Jericho Brown, poet
  • Stacey Brown, poet
  • Chesya Burke ’13, fiction writer and essayist
  • Terri Carrión, artist and founder of 100 Thousand Poets for Change
  • Amber Dermont, novelist
  • Jim Diedrick, scholar
  • Tenanarive Due, novelist
  • Camille Dungy, poet and memoirist
  • Amanda Gable, novelist
  • Alan Grostephan, novelist
  • Paul Guest, poet
  • Steve Guthrie, scholar
  • Shadab Zeest Hashmi, poet
  • John Hoppenthaler, poet
  • Mina Ivanova, scholar
  • T J Jarrett, poet
  • Sheri Joseph, novelist
  • Kirsten Kaschock, poet and dancer
  • John Kessler, food columnist AJC
  • Sorayya Khan, novelist
  • Waqas Khwaja, poet, editor, and translator
  • Michelle Latiolais, novelist
  • Robert Markley, scholar
  • Amy McDaniel, nonfiction writer
  • James May, poet
  • Kamilah Aisha Moon, poet
  • Tony Morris, poet
  • Scott Newstock, scholar
  • Hannah S. Palmer, essayist and memoirist
  • Chelsea Rathburn, poet
  • Janisse Ray, essayist and memoirist
  • Bushra Rehman, poet
  • Cheryl Reid ‘95, novelist
  • LeeAnne Richardson, scholar
  • Michael Rothenberg, artist and founder of 100 Thousand Poets for Change
  • Deema K. Shehabi, poet
  • Vivian Shipley, poet
  • Nicole Stamant, scholar
  • Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, scholar and fiction writer
  • Peggy Thompson, scholar
  • Dan Veach, poet and journal editor
  • Tiphanie Yanique, novelist