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Resource Forms

Student Resource Forms


Health & Wellness 

Student COVID-19 Self Report Form 

  • Agnes Scott College continues to monitor the spread of the coronavirus and its potential impacts to the college and to students. Please use this form to self-report COVID-19 related diagnosis, exposure, self-isolation, or quarantine. Or, to indicate support that you may need during this time so that it can be routed to the appropriate department on campus.

Battling Zoom Fatigue

  • Students, faculty, and staff all report that remote learning/work is causing higher levels of feeling burned out. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and other video meeting tools are essential when we can’t meet in person but why does use of these tools cause participants to feel “drained?”


Fall 2020 Housing Request Form 

  • Current returning upper-class residential students with extenuating circumstances will have the opportunity to petition for an exception to reside on campus. 

 Financial Support 

Scottie Emergency Fund Application

  • Requests are assessed and granted on a case-by-case basis. Requests that do not explain specific needs being requested will be denied. All inquires/questions should be sent to

Student Refund Request Form 

  • Students use this form to request a refund if the student bill net balance is a credit.

Financial Aid Appeal Form 

  • Students whose families have had significant changes in financial circumstances and who meet specified criteria may appeal their financial aid award. The appeal form should be completed and required documents submitted to  

Loan Request Form

  • This form should be used if you wish to cancel or adjust your annual Federal Direct Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized) after review of your initial award. 

Private Loan Request 

  • This form should be used if you wish to cancel and or adjust your Private/Alternative Educational Loan. 

Plus Loan Change Form

  • This form should be used by parent PLUS borrowers to cancel or reduce their Federal Direct PLUS Loan. 

Academic Support  

First-Year Student- Gap Year Request Form 

  • Students enrolled in the Class of 2024 can request a one-year deferral to pursue a gap year. Gap year request forms must be completed. 

Technology Support 

Hotspot Request Form 

  • If you do not have access to reliable internet service you can request support for a hotspot. 


Employee Resource Forms


Health & Wellness 

Medicat Symptoms Checker 

All employees who will be working on campus must login to the medicat symptoms checker before leaving home to report symptoms and must receive a GREEN light in order to be permitted on campus for that day. A “Yes'' response to any question in Medicat indicates a “positive” screening. A positive screening does not mean the person is infected with COVID-19. Individuals with a positive screening require further evaluation from a healthcare provider and may need COVID-19 viral PCR testing. Medicat will alert you to contact a healthcare provider for additional screening regarding symptoms, and not to come to campus. Please DO NOT indicate “symptoms” that are an effect of the medication you are taking. Only enter symptoms that are not ordinarily related to your medical condition.


COVID-19 Testing Attestation

Per the college's Employee Guidelines for Returning to Campus, any employee returning to work on campus must have a negative COVID-19 test result 7-10 days prior to their return. This must be a molecular (PCR) COVID-19 test. This form is provided so that employees can attest to having been tested with a negative result.


Employee Covid-19 Self-Report Form

If you are ill, please do not come to the college. Follow the established call-in procedure as determined by your supervisor. Use this form to self-report COVID-19 related diagnosis, exposure, self-isolation, or quarantine. Also, report presumptive positive cases using this form.

COVID-19 Personalized Health Plan Template
Planning ahead is a great way to take control of your health! Completing this form will help you know exactly what to do in case you need health care because you think you might have COVID-19 or were exposed to someone who does. The only way to know for sure if you have COVID-19 is to be tested. You may want to complete and/or share this plan with people in your home.

Remote Work 

Staff Telework Assessment Tool

Employees that want to continue to work from home or is being requested by a supervisor to continue to telework must complete this form. 

Agnes Scott Telecommuting Policy - updated for Post-COVID-19

College Computer Equipment for Use at Home Authorization Agreement

Return to Campus - Faculty Work Form