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Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

Academics and Remote Learning 

All fall classes, including labs, will be online.  Your current fall class schedule will remain unchanged, but you may adjust your schedule if desired using AscAgnes add/drop options through August 25th (first-year students may adjust schedules using drop/add beginning August 15th).

Please see the class schedule here. Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

Spring 2020 courses were modified quickly (within two weeks in most cases) to adapt to an emergency that was not foreseen. Since then, faculty have learned much more about the technology available and the pedagogy necessary to designing such courses. They took classes over the summer on advanced online technology as well as pedagogy for remote teaching and topics such as “What Students Want Faculty to Know,” “Inclusive Remote Pedagogies: Levelling Inequities in the Classroom” and “Teaching and Learning in a Time of Trauma.” 


Fall 2020 courses will still provide the engagement with faculty and other students that is a hallmark of an Agnes Scott education, but they have been designed with care and expertise to meet students' needs in an online teaching environment. And, don't forget that students--whether coming from high school or returning to the college, have also learned a lot from their Spring 2020 experience about how to learn and thrive in an online environment. 

Classes will begin for post-bacc pre-med and undergraduate students on August 20. Graduate students will begin classes on August 24. Please view the full fall academic calendar here.
While individual classes may have different structures, most courses will have synchronous activities and attendance policies that require student participation during posted class times.
To preserve the integrity of the classroom experience and to protect students’ privacy, which we are legally required to do, only students registered in the course may attend a Zoom class meeting.

The college has modified the daily schedule for undergraduate courses: there will be 25 minutes (usually 10-15 minutes) between classes to allow for such things as technology trouble-shooting and screen breaks.

Agnes Scott is famous for its highly developed learning centers and departmental tutoring. We believe that peer tutoring or learning support of this kind enhances the academic experience for all students, whether they are new to a subject, already skilled in the discipline, or struggling. Last spring our peer tutors (Center for Writing and Speaking CWS, Center for Digital and Visual Learning CDVL, Resource Center for Math and Science RCMS, Economics Learning Center, departmental tutoring) quickly adapted to working online in synchronous appointments and received high praise from students for their supportive tutoring. For Fall 2020 tutors are receiving enhanced training for tutoring online and will be ready to tutor, lead workshops on relevant topics, and support student learners across the curriculum.

SUMMIT Advisors first meet their students online in the summer before the students arrive at Agnes Scott so they are already adept at managing online relationships. In addition to helping students with course registration, setting up a solid and exciting academic program, and addressing requirements, SUMMIT Advisors provide support for learning and for navigating college life.

SUMMIT Advisors and Summit Peer Advisors have planned a semester full of programs to support new student success.

All students are encouraged to schedule appointments via the COMPASS system to meet with their SUMMIT Advisors for virtual appointments but may also email or call their SUMMIT Advisor for quick questions.

Accommodations for students with disabilities will continue to be administered by the Accessible Education staff and use of the AIM system. Accommodations specific to online learning have been developed. Students with concerns or who require additional accommodations for the online format (such as closed captioning) should connect with either Rashad Morgan or Miriam Smith.
Faculty are willing to work with you individually to come up with a solution for problems like this one. Let your instructor know immediately that you are in a different time and see what options are available. Instructors can make recorded class sessions available to you, but you may also need to take steps to attend some synchronous (live class sessions) if at all possible. 
We are striving to offer a strong and exciting semester of learning and community during Fall 2020. That means providing the conditions under which students learn and grow to their full advantage, including maintaining high standards of responsibility for your learning, academic honesty, and respect and support for all members of our Agnes Scott community. That being said, we are also cognizant of the unique circumstances individuals may experience during the pandemic and eager to work with you individually to help you do your best work and maximize your learning. 
Our Information Technology Services office (ITS) is prepared to help all students with technology, connectivity, etc. You may contact them by email at or by phone at 404.471.5487.
To preserve the integrity of the classroom experience and to protect students’ privacy, which we are legally required to do, only students registered in the course may attend a Zoom class meeting.

Students can request support for a computer from the student emergency fund via The student emergency fund application can be found here. 

Students can request support for a hotspot via The hotspot request application can be found here.


The Center for Global Learning continues to monitor the U.S. Department of State’s and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s global travel and health alerts. Accordingly,

  • All college-sponsored domestic and international travel for students, including study abroad, has been suspended for the fall semester.
  • Planning continues for study abroad in the spring 2021 semester.
  • Advising sessions and applications for study abroad in the 2021-2022 academic year will be available during the 2020 fall semester.
We are watching global health guidelines carefully to determine how to provide a safe and exciting Global Journeys course and immersion experience for all first-years. The Global Journeys faculty and the Center for Global Learning are developing an engaging array of course themes and activities that will be adapted in response to the evolving COVID pandemic.

Yes, students enrolled in the Class of 2024 can request a one-year deferral to pursue a gap year. During an approved gap year, you may complete zero college credits. If approved for a gap year, your admission and merit-based scholarship offer will be locked in place for Fall 2021, but you must resubmit the FAFSA the following year to determine any need-based assistance. 


To be considered for a gap year at Agnes Scott, you must:

  • Submit a Gap Year Request to the Office of Admission 
  • Submit a detailed written description of your gap year plans in the form of a letter to the Director of Admission.
Yes, current students may request a leave of absence for either one or a maximum of two semesters of leave. While on an approved leave of absence, your Agnes Scott network account (including ASC email) is retained and any Agnes Scott merit aid will be available upon your return. To request a leave, please contact Jennifer Cannady, Assistant Dean, at  Requests for a leave must be made prior to the start of the first day of classes (for fall 2020 this is August 20).

International Students 

If you are an international student who is already in the U.S., you can take your full course load of 12 credits or more online and maintain a valid F-1 immigration status. You must maintain your full-time enrollment and pass your courses as stipulated by the SEVP regulations. International students who are currently living in Avery Glen will be able to stay there.

If you are an international student who is currently abroad, you can maintain your F-1 immigration status while abroad as long as you are registered at Agnes Scott College for a full online course load of 12 credits or more. You must remain enrolled in a full-time course load throughout the semester and pass your courses. Please note, the five-month rule is suspended as long as you maintain your F-1 immigration status. 


 International students who are currently abroad and would like to return to campus by the first day of classes on August 20, 2020, can try to do so.  However, Agnes Scott College is not able to guarantee that students will be granted re-entry into the U.S. by SEVP. Students are responsible to make their own travel arrangements and must take into consideration travel restrictions that affect their home countries, any layover countries, and the U.S. You must have a valid travel signature on page 2 of your I-20 document to return to the U.S. A travel signature is valid for 12 months from the date it is signed.  


First-year international students (in “Initial Status”) will not be permitted to come into the U.S. until the college resumes in-person classes. The initial entry permit will be deferred to Spring 2021. First-year international students can participate in all courses via remote instruction and will receive credit for their courses.

All F-1 visa-holder students while in the U.S. will be required to be covered under the Agnes Scott International Student Health Insurance Plan and will automatically be enrolled by the Agnes Scott Wellness Center.

All international students who are not returning to the U.S. for the fall semester will not be covered under any Agnes Scott College health insurance plan.

Financial Questions 

New bills reflecting room and board and financial aid adjustments will be available by August 3. Tuition payments are due on August 14. 


Your Agnes Scott merit-based scholarship(s) will not change, but if you received financial aid in the form of an Agnes Scott grant, it is possible that those amounts may be decreased or removed due to the lower cost of attendance. When the charges for room and board for students not living on campus are removed, it reduces a student’s overall cost of attendance, which is what the financial aid package is based on. However, the college does estimate some cost of living expenses that may be incurred while living at home (or off campus) and those will be added back in prior to a financial aid package being re-determined.

Tuition will remain the same as the quality of education will remain the same. During the summer, the faculty has been training extensively to provide the high quality, individualized academic program that students expect of Agnes Scott, reimagined for online delivery.

Yes. The student activity fee helps to support the Onyx Ring Fund, ensuring that every Scottie sophomore receives a ring at the traditional Sophomore Ring ceremony. Additionally, the annual fee is allocated to student organizations and each class for their sponsored activities and events which will continue in the fall (virtually) and the spring semester, as well as key signature events. 


Students will need to check with their supervisors, but if work activities can be conducted remotely, then work-study payments will be available. Work-study cannot be completed on-campus.


All CARES Act funding for students has been distributed directly to students. 

Please review your revised billing statement available August 3. If you would like to reduce your loan(s), please take the following step(s): 

  • For Stafford loans, please complete the 2020-2021 Loan Request Form available on the Financial Aid website and email to or fax to 404-471-6159. In order to process your request ahead of the new billing deadline of August 14, please submit the form by August 10. 
  • For private/alternative loans, please complete the 2020-2021 Private Loan Request Form available on the Financial Aid website and email to or fax to 404-471-6159. In order to process your request ahead of the new billing deadline of August 14, please submit the form by August 10.
  • For PLUS loans, parents should complete the 2020-2021 PLUS Loan Change Form available on the Financial Aid website and email to or fax to 404-471-6159. In order to process your request ahead of the new billing deadline of August 14, please submit the form by August 10.
Students whose families have had significant changes in financial circumstances and who meet specified criteria may appeal their financial aid award. Information on how to appeal, related criteria and required documentation is available in the 2020-2021 Financial Aid Appeal Form. The appeal form should be completed and required documents submitted to by August 5

The revised bill will be posted on Monday, August 3. Please adjust your payment plan accordingly, and call TMS at 1-800-208-5474 if you need help adjusting your bill.

If your payment resulted in a credit balance on your account, a refund will be issued within 3-5 business days after you have submitted a refund request to Student Refund Request form can be found at Please make sure that your bank information is correct on AscAgnes under the “Financial Information” section.

If the college is able to safely re-open for the spring semester with students living on campus, financial aid and billing will be adjusted to account for room and board expenses. 

Health & Wellness 

Yes, our medical staff are available for appointments via telehealth for students in the state of Georgia. Students are able to schedule their appointment by contacting the Wellness Center at 404-471-7100. Additionally, students are able to utilize our Nurse Advice line Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm for non-emergency questions at 404-471-7100. Students who are not currently in Georgia, are encouraged to follow up with their primary care provider or a local urgent care center. Please dial 911 for emergency medical treatment.

Yes, students have access to tele-mental health services if they are in the state of Georgia. Students are able to schedule their appointment by contacting the Wellness Center at 404-471-7100. For students who are not currently in Georgia, you may contact the CAPS Director, Katie Ganske, at for assistance with services in your area. For referrals to therapists within your community, you can also visit https://agnes scott.thriving 


Yes, if you are not returning to campus, the immunization requirements are waived. However, all students are required to complete the immunization requirements when they return to campus.


Yes, the health insurance plan is a national plan, so even if students are not on campus and are learning remotely, they still have access to Aetna Preferred Network providers throughout the country as well as telemedicine options.   
Yes, the health insurance plan for international students will be waived, if they are not living on campus.

No, students do not have to have the college health insurance if they are not living on campus. However, if an undergraduate student returns to campus, they must either enroll into the college’s health insurance or complete the waiver process, as all undergraduate students are required to have health insurance. 


Student Activities 

New students will have access to a virtual platform to orient themselves with Agnes Scott College’s programs and services. There will also be a live virtual experience on August 17. The orientation fee will remain the same, to support the use of the online platform for students and parents/guests, as well as welcome boxes, which include Scottie swag that will be mailed to each new student.
Yes, it will be an innovative and creative virtual experience led by the CSI LEAD Team.

Yes, it will be a virtual experience led by Mortar Board. However, we are still planning for an in-person experience, once we return to campus, and it is safe to do so. 

Yes, information regarding the ordering and purchasing of rings will be shared via email from the Center of Student Involvement. For more information please contact 

Yes, including virtual fitness challenges, excursions, and theme week celebrations.

No, the Shuttle will not be available during the fall semester.

Yes, SGA will still meet virtually on a weekly basis and will be actively serving students by completing resolutions, bills, and open forums.

All student organizations will conduct business using virtual platforms. This includes but is not limited to: meetings, virtual events, social group settings and student support experiences. Each organization will receive a virtual event planning guide.

As our classes move to a remote format, all of our support services also go online. There are many opportunities to continue and renew the work relating to our core mission of engaging the social challenges of our times including integration of racial and social justice issues in most of our classes, anti-racism training and webinars, virtual programming and events focused on community building and racial inclusion, partnering with our students on social action, and various planned activities from our Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation project. We encourage you to contact the Gay Johnson McDougall Center for Diversity and Inclusion at for more information and partnership opportunities.

All college events will be listed on the ASC Events Calendar. We recognize that virtual engagement may pose new challenges, including zoom fatigue. As such, the calendar committee will ensure that events and activities are scheduled with minimal conflicts and advanced notice.

Fall Housing

Student Accounts will apply that credit to your fall tuition bill.

Yes. There are a limited number of single spaces available to house students in Avery Glen for the Fall 2020 semester. Upper-class students with extenuating circumstances can submit a Petition for Housing for Fall 2020.  Groups that will be considered include international students and students with housing or financial insecurity (FAFSA - Independent Status). 

Decisions will be sent to students via their ASC email account beginning Wednesday, August 5.

All students approved to live on campus for the Fall 2020 semester will receive information beginning August 6.

We are currently working with our food service provider to ensure that students who reside on campus will have access to meal options. It is important to know that traditional meal service through Evans Dining Hall will not be available. However, meals and/or food options will be provided in a remote location near your residence hall location.     

Students who are residing on campus must complete COVID-19 testing 7-10 business days prior to their move-in date. Students must upload their results in the Medicat portal. Students will be unable to move into their assigned room if they have not completed COVID-19 testing. You can also visit your state or local health department’s website to look for the latest local information on testing or Students who test positive for COVID-19 are asked to remain home and follow-up with their primary care physician or local Urgent Care for treatment recommendations. 


No, you will only be required to complete COVID-19 testing once when you move on campus. After testing, you will be required to remain in your room for 14 days until your test results are confirmed negative. Students with positive test results will continue isolation with medical monitoring until medically cleared. 


Students will complete daily COVID-19 screenings after they move on campus, using a provided tool that will provide follow-up instructions if needed, and temperature checks. Students are asked to complete the Student COVID-19 self-report form to report COVID-19 related diagnosis, exposure, self-isolation or quarantine. Students with COVID-19 symptoms are asked to call the Wellness Center at 404-471-7100 Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm for triage and medical guidance. Students are encouraged to go to Urgent Care or the ER after-hours and during the weekend.


Yes, students residing on campus in the fall are required to participate in contact tracing. Agnes Scott College will complete contact tracing on campus with everyone who has been told to get tested by their healthcare provider. The contact tracer will ask questions about close contact with other people, campus locations visited, and activities over the past few days. The contact tracer will notify contacts that they might have been exposed to COVID-19 and should self-quarantine (no symptoms) or self-isolate (have symptoms). If the person who listed them tests positive, the contact will be advised to get tested and continue quarantine or isolation. The contact tracer will not tell them at any point the name of the person who listed them as a contact.


Internships and Career Coaching 

Yes. Most internship sites are offering remote work, and the Office of Internship and Career Development is flagging those in handshake as they are identified.  If your internship is in-person in Atlanta, please contact Tomeka Stephens at to discuss the nature of the internship so that we can provide guidance. 

Yes. During the pandemic, remote internships have been allowed. The internship must still meet criteria for having regular supervision with feedback, a solid job description with tasks related to your field of study or career interest and timing that allows you to complete the required hours of internship work during the 13-week semester. 

We use fillable PDF forms that you can complete and email to Tomeka Stephens at If you do not have access to print, sign and scan the document, Tomeka can work with you to submit an email version
Yes, we use several national jobs boards and work with you to build your local network and access alumnae, if possible. The approach to a U.S. job search is similar no matter what state you live in. International job searches are more challenging, but we do have a few resources for those as well.  
Most recruiters have switched to 100% virtual recruiting so we will be scheduling virtual information sessions and access to virtual jobs fairs. In fact, we believe that more opportunities will be available for talking to recruiters in this remote environment because recruiters will not have to travel to Atlanta. 

We will advertise opportunities for virtual fairs on our social media, newsletters and email updates. Please log into Handshake to access our events, including virtual graduate school information sessions and job fairs. Use your ASC email and password to log into Handshake:

Yes, we have five Career Coaches who will be available via COMPASS and through community-specific events featuring alumnae and recruiters. Our new Career Communities include: 

  • Health, Sustainability and Science Careers
  • Technology, Business, Media and Communications Careers
  • Nonprofit and Arts Careers
  • Government, Education, Service Corps and International Affairs Careers

We have been granted a waiver by the NCAA to extend the fall and winter playing season into the spring. Student-athletes will continue to train virtually until we can resume on campus training. Revised competition schedules will be released for soccer, volleyball, and cross country.

Workouts and information from coaches, the athletic trainer, and administration will be placed on Canvas for you to log on as required. We will use the VOLT personal training application for remote strength and conditioning. Athletic training services for injury prevention will be conducted with the athletic trainer via telehealth. There will also be mindfulness and mental health virtual sessions. Team meetings will be held via Zoom.


Student-athletes will receive personalized workouts from their head coach. Soccer, volleyball, and cross country, and tennis are eligible to begin required workouts on August 10. Softball may begin required workouts on September 7. Basketball may begin required workouts on October 1. Your coach may choose to start your required training later based on the new competition schedules for spring.

Tryouts will be suspended until January. If you are interested in trying out for intercollegiate athletics, please contact the head coach for your sport of interest.

Yes, you will need to pass a physical before you will be allowed to participate in virtual workouts. When on campus training resumes, all student-athletes must also have a negative COVID-19 test before returning to campus. 

Employee Guidance

With all classes being remote, the majority of staff will return to working remotely where possible.  Essential employees will be permitted to access campus to perform critical work that cannot be conducted remotely.  Staff members will need to work directly with their supervisor to identify the work plan that best suits the needs of the department.  Staff are asked to review and comply with the college's telecommute policy and the policy on taking college equipment home. Both policies and the telecommute agreement can be found here: 

Although Agnes Scott was prepared to welcome staff back to work for the fall semester, the decision has been made to ask staff members to work remotely where possible.  A comprehensive plan was developed for cleaning and physical distancing for the fall semester and will be implemented when it appears safe to bring staff members back to campus.  


General Campus Information

Facilities will be closed to the public, except in instances where there are rental agreements and coordinated access for certain activities with applicable CDC guidelines in place

McCain Library staff will make every effort to connect students with needed resources and support, as they did during the spring semester pivot. While the building is closed to students, you will be able to visit the library web page for options, including a Grab & Go service for picking up physical books or equipment; more e-books, e-journals, and streaming films; online research consultations (in your time zone);  subject guides; and interlibrary loan: Charis Bookstore will be closed for in store visits.  However, the Charis team will have options for online purchases and are working to coordinate front porch pickups.  Mail pick-up is being coordinated with the Post Office staff and will be shared with students prior to the beginning of class. The Post Office will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during normal business hours. 

McCain Library may have an e-book version available or be able to scan at least a first chapter until you receive your personal copy; search Course Reserves for your classes:, and/or the WorldCat library catalog, If you do not find what you're seeking, email