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Frequently Used Numbers

Main Number 404.471.6000
Public Safety (non-emergency) 404.471.6355
Campus Emergency 404.471.6400
Severe Weather Closing Information 404.471.5100
SUMMIT 404.471.5380
Book Store 800.381-5151
McCain Library 404.471.6094
Post Office 404.471.6349
Observatory 404.471.6266

Academic Directory

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Department First Last Title Phone
Department of Art and Art History
  Anne Beidler Professor 404.471.6436
  Nell Ruby Professor of Art/Chair 404.471.5458
  Katherine Smith Professor of Art History 404.471.5464
Asian Studies Program
  Jing Paul Assistant Professor of Chinese/Director 404.471.6531
Department of Biology
  Stacey Dutton Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience 404.471.6528
  Timothy Finco Professor/Biochemistry Program Co-Director 404.471.6456
  Jennifer Larimore Associate Professor/Chair and Neuroscience Program Co-Director 404.471.6270
  John Pilger William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Biology/Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program Director 404.471.6269
  Srebrenka Robic Professor 404.471.6379
  Lock Rogers Associate Professor 404.471.5124
Department of Chemistry
  Doug Fantz Associate Professor/Biochemistry Program Co-Director, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of the College 404.471.5067
  Lili Harvey Charles A. Dana Professor/Associate Dean for STEM Teaching and Learning/Chair 404.471.6272
  Mary Nell Higley Laboratory and Teaching Associate, Director of the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program 404.471.6550
  Ruth Riter Professor 404.471.6275
  T. Leon Venable Associate Professor 404.471.6274
  Sarah Winget Professor 404.471.5379
Department of Classics
  Megan Drinkwater Associate Professor/Chair 404.471.6243
  Scarlett Kingsley Assistant Professor 404.471.5552
  Emily Master Visiting Assistant Professor 404.471.6935
Dance Program
  Bridget Roosa Associate Professor/Chair 404.471.6940
Department of Economics
  Rosemary Cunningham Hal and Julia T. Smith Chair of Free Enterprise 404.471.6208
  Amy Breidenthal Gail Savage Glover '66 & Marion B. Glover Assistant Professor of Business Leadership 404.471.6869
  Li Qi Professor/Chair 404.471.5182
  Patricia Schneider Associate Professor 404.471.6139
  Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere Associate Professor
  Thomas Will Associate Professor of Organizational Management 404.471.5485
Department of English
  Charlotte Artese Professor 404.471.6163
  Christine Cozzens Charles A. Dana Professor of English, and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College 404.471.6221
  James Diedrick Professor 404.471.6198
  Alan Grostephan Assistant Professor 404.471.6529
  Waqas Khwaja Ellen Douglas Leyburn Professor of English 404.471.5056
  Bobby Meyer-Lee Associate Professor 404.471.5546
  Kamilah Moon Assistant Professor 404.471.6895
  James Stamant Visiting Assistant Professor 404.471.6529
  Nicole Stamant Associate Professor 404.471.6062
  Willie Tolliver Professor/Film and Media Studies Program Director 404.471.5181
Department of French and German
  Barbara Drescher Instructor in German 404.471.5069
  Gundolf Graml Professor of German 404.471.6220
  Julia Knowlton Professor of French/Chair 404.471.6236
  Philip Ojo Professor of French 404.471.5185
Department of History
  Reem Bailony Assistant Professor 404.471.6553
  Mary Cain Charles Loridans Associate Professor of History 404.471.5375
  Katharine Kennedy Charles A. Dana Professor of History 404.471.6239
  Yael Manes Associate Professor/Chair 404.471.6229
  Robin Morris Associate Professor 404.471.5442
  Benjamin Twagira Assistant Professor
  Shu-chin Wu Associate Professor 404.471.5167
Department of Mathematics
  Alan Koch Professor 404.471.6223
  Rachel Rossetti Associate Professor 404.471.6231
  James Wiseman Professor/Chair 404.471.6202
Department of Music
  David D'Ambrosio Director of Piano Studies and Accompanying 404.471.6874
  Tracey Laird Professor 404.471.6474
  Jason Solomon Associate Professor/Chair 404.471.6261
  Qiao Solomon Associate Professor 404.471.6878
Department of Philosophy
  Lara Denis Professor 404.471.5364
  Beth Hackett Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 404.471.5039
  Hal Thorsrud Professor 404.471.6211
Department of Physics & Astronomy
  Nicole Ackerman Associate Professor of Physics 404.471.5627
  Chris DePree Charles A. Dana Professor of Astronomy/Chair 404.471.6266
  Amy Lovell Professor of Astronomy 404.471.6265
Department of Political Science
  Gus Cochran Adeline A. Loridans Professor of Political Science 404.471.6216
  Eleanor Morris Associate Professor/Chair/International Relations Program Director 404.471.6135
  Catherine Scott Professor 404.471.6215
  Mona Tajali Assistant Professor of International Relations and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 404.471.6532
Department of Psychology
  Barbara Blatchley Professor 404.471.6233
  Jennifer Hughes Professor/Chair 404.471.6230
  Maryam Jernigan-Noesi Assistant Professor 404.471.6564
  Janelle Peifer Assistant Professor 404.471.5362
  Bonnie Perdue Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience/Neuroscience Program Co-Director 404.471.6268
Public Health Program
  Erin Bradley Assistant Professor 404.471.6044
  Amy Patterson Assistant Professor of Public Health 404.471.5503
Department of Religious Studies
  Roshan Iqbal Assistant Professor 404.471.6530
  Tina Pippin Wallace M. Alston Professor of Bible and Religion 404.471.6227
  Abraham Zablocki Associate Professor/Chair 404.471.6207
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  Doug Falen Professor 404.471.5499
  Regine Jackson Kathy Ashe '68 and Lawrence Ashe Associate Professor of Sociology/Chair 404.471.5226
  Yvonne Newsome Professor 404.471.5249
Department of Spanish
  Gisela Norat Professor 404.471.6193
  Rafael Ocasio Charles A. Dana Professor of Spanish/Chair 404.471.6226
  Michael Schlig Professor 404.471.6203
Department of Theatre
Toby Emert Jr. Professor of Theatre 404.471.6897
  David Thompson Annie Louise Harrison Waterman Professor of Theatre 404.471.6250
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  Kelly Ball Assistant Professor, and Assistant Dean of Graduate and Extended Programs 404.471.5547
  Beth Hackett Associate Professor/Chair, and Associate Professor of Philosophy 404.471.5039
  Mona Tajali Assistant Professor, and Assistant Professor of International Relations 404.471.6532
  Lauran Whitworth Assistant Professor 404.471.6551

Administrative Directory

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Department/ Office First Last Title Phone
Office of Academic Advising
  Kelsey Bohlke Assistant Director of Accessible Education 404.471.5192
  Jennifer Cannady Assistant Dean of the College/Director of Academic Advising & Student Success 404.471.6284
  Jessamyn Doan SUMMIT Primary Advisor 404.471.6546
  Elizabeth Henry SUMMIT Primary Advisor 404.471.6521
  Kai Jackson-Issa SUMMIT Primary Advisor 404.471.5549
  Kaitlin Jacobson SUMMIT Advisor 404.471.5548
  Rashad Morgan Director of Accessible Education 404.471.6174
  Tanzania Nevels SUMMIT Primary Advisor 404.471.6117
  Clifford Poole SUMMIT Advisor 404.471.5554
  Machamma Quinichett Associate Director of Academic Advising 404.471.6150
  Taylr Tuggle Office Coordinator 404.471.5192
  Kayla Whitter SUMMIT Advisor 404.471.5553
Office of Academic Affairs
  Kelly Ball Assistant Dean of Graduate and Extended Programs 404.471.5547
  Christine Cozzens Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, and Charles A. Dana Professor of English 404.471.6221
  Doug Fantz Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of the College, and Associate Professor/Biochemistry Program Co-Director 404.471.5067
  Lisa Jones Assistant Director of the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy 404.471.6316
  Emily Kandetzki Director of Accounts for Academic Affairs and Sponsored Programs 404.471.6952
  Thomaysa Stinson Senior Administrative Assistant 404.471.6361
Office of Accounting
  Lai Chan Controller 404.471.6308
  Sue Griffith Senior Accountant 404.471.6386
  Cindy Qiang Accounting Assistant 404.471.6256
  Bobby Surillo Accounts Payable Specialist 404.471.6290
  Reginald Walker Accounts Receivable Specialist 404.471.6432
Office of Admission
  Kati Burns Director of Enrollment Marketing 404.471.5451
  Jade Domingue Senior Assistant Director of Admission 404.471.6136
  Emily Davis Hamre Associate Director of Admission 404.471.6426
  Irfa Hirani Senior Admission Counselor 404.471.6419
  Angela Eyer Director of Admission Operations 404.471.6300
  Alexa Gaeta Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid 404.471.6423
  Aimee Kahn-Foss Director of Admission 404.471.6525
  Anna Platt Senior Admission Counselor and Campus Visit Coordinator 404.471.6287
  Alexsis Skeen Assistant Director of Admission 404.471.6286
  Jaxen Solseng Assistant Manager of Admission Operations 404.471.6482
  Rachel West Associate Director of Admission 404.471.6410
Office of Advancement Services
  Bret Busch Director of Advancement Services 404.471.6105
  Sheri Dixon Manager of Donor Records 404.471.6472
  Jessica Preston Records Coordinator 404.471.6455
Office of Advancement Communications
  Dan Watson Communications Associate 404.471.5497
  Erin Zellmer Senior Director of Advancement Communications 404.471.6405
Office of Alumnae Relations
  Amy Chastain Associate Director of Alumnae Relations 404.471.6374
  Mary Frances Kerr Senior Director 404.471.6056
Department of Athletics
  Kerry Busby Head Softball Coach 404.471.6475
  Molly Carl Head Cross Country Coach 404.471.6362
  Joshua Cornwall Coordinator of Athletics Communications and Game Management 404.471.6941
  Keva Godfrey Head Tennis Coach 404.471.6471
  Markesha Henderson Director of Athletics 404.471.6941
  Mara Primmer Head Soccer Coach 404.471.6941
  Shinade Ramirez Associate Director of Athletics 404.471.6046
  Shanna Trone Head Volleyball Coach 404.471.6358
  Jacques Wells Coordinator for Athletic Operations 404.471.6510
Office of Business & Finance
  Carolyn Council Senior Administrative Assistant 404.471.6109
  Ken England Vice President for Business and Finance 404.471.6278
  Robert Gaskins Senior Financial Analyst 404.471.6158
  Whitney Booth Lockard Julia Thompson Smith Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life 404.471.6437
  Valarie Boatright Senior Administrative Assistant 404.471.5476
Office of College Advancement
  Robiaun Charles Vice President for College Advancement 404.471.6326
Office of Communications and Marketing
  Nicholyn Hutchinson Senior Editor, Communications 404.471.6171
  Danita Knight Vice President for Communications and Marketing 404.471.5425
  Julia Lutgendorf Director of Design Strategy 404.471.5430
  Alberta Tennant Communications and Marketing Associate 404.471.5425
The Dalton Gallery
  Leah Owenby Manager of Dalton Gallery 404.471.5150
Office of Student Affairs
  Karen Goff Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students 404.471.6449
  Tomiko Jenkins Senior Associate Dean of Students 404.471.6075
  Robert Sparks Associate Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards 404.471.5409
Office of Development
  Nicole Blount Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations 404.471.6296
  Sharon Burt Development Researcher 404.471.6303
  Pamela Cottrell Director of The Fund for Agnes Scott 404.471.5475
  Lee Davis Director of Legacy Giving 404.471.5448
  Anna DunLany Assistant Director of The Fund for Agnes Scott 404.471.6476
  Kalia Edmonds Assistant Director of The Fund for Agnes Scott 404.471.5744
  Robin Harp Associate Director of Leadership Giving 404.471.6295
  Betsy Huey Director of Leadership Giving 404.471.5345
  Pilar Ramos-Nunez Development Project Manager 404.471.6374
  Elizabeth Santamaria Associate Director of Leadership Giving 404.471.6055
  Kelsey Sorrell Director of Research and Prospect Management 404.471.6481
  Henry Taylor Senior Director of Development 404.471.6041
Office of Donor Relations
  Robyn Dunn Assistant Director of Donor Relations 404.471.5343
  Martha Ille Senior Director of Donor Relations 404.471.5479
Office of Graduate and Extended Programs
Kelly Ball Assistant Dean of Graduate and Extended Programs 404.471.5547
Phoenicia Battle Graduate Programs Coordinator 404.471.5040
Carlee Bishop Faculty Director of Applied Technology 404.471.5384
Laquita Blockson Faculty Director of Social Innovation 404.471.5540
Wendy Kallina Faculty Director of Data Visualization 404.471.5040
  Michelle Lacoss Senior Director of Graduate Admission 404.471.5377
  Celeste Whitman Graduate Admission Counselor 404.471.5460
Office of Facilities
  J.J. Beadle Property Manager 404.687.8100
  Dewanda Henderson Assistant Director of Facilities 404.471.6149
  Rachael Hunter Logistics Manager 404.471.6305
  David Marder Director of Facilities 404.471.5465
  Barbara Miller Assistant Property Manager 404.687.8100
  Aaron McMeans Assistant Director of Facilities 404.471.6047
  Jessica Owen Office Coordinator 404.471.6098
Office of Faculty Services
  Misty Dumas-Patterson Manager of Faculty Services 404.471.5517
  Laura Merlini Faculty Administrative Assistant 404.471.6030
  Leah Owenby Faculty Events Coordinator and Administrative Assistant 404.471.6049
  Chloe Weeks Administrative Assistant / Music Events Coordinator 404.471.6368
Office of Financial Aid
  Patrick Bonones Director of Financial Aid 404.471.6393
  Christa Watson Associate Director of Financial Aid 404.471.6079
Food Services
  Shantessa Farley Location Manager 404.471.6357
  Mario Johnson Executive Chef 404.471.6293
Gay Johnson McDougall Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion
  Lucy Aradillas Director of Diversity Education and Training 404.471.6466
  Amy Lovell Faculty Director 404.471.6265
  Rafael Ocasio Faculty Fellow 404.471.6226
  Miriam Panton Administrative Assistant 404.471.5879
  Yves-Rose Porcena Vice President for Equity and Inclusion 404.471.6540
  Machamma Quinichett Staff Fellow 404.471.6150
Center for Global Learning
  Gundolf Graml Associate Vice President / Dean of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives 404.471.6220
  Clementine Hakizimana Study Abroad Advisor 404.471.5382
  Anna Lachkaya Faculty-Led Programs Coordinator 404.471.6263
  Janelle Peifer Leadership Development Coordinator 404.471.5362
  Wafia Sayf Al Nasr International Student Advisor 404.471.5447
Information Technology Services
  Laura Bishop Support Services Technician 404.471.5487
  Mike Bowen Network Technician 404.471.6333
  CJ Bunn Support Services Technician 404.471.5064
  LaNeta Counts Associate Vice President for Technology 404.471.6483
  Carmen Emory Web Developer Fellow 404.471.6218
  Henry Eyer Assistant Information Technology Director 404.471.6490
  Emily Gwynn Academic Technology Manager 404.471.6313
  Alex Jester Support Services Technician 404.471.6336
  Frank Manganaro Senior Systems Analyst 404.471.6188
  Steve Masourian Senior Administrative Application Support Specialist 404.471.5418
  Tamara Roundy Web Developer 404.471.5492
  Matthew Ruby Network Manager 404.471.6033
  Tiffany Saddler User Services Manager 404.471.6037
  Brandi Wilkes Senior Administrative Application Support Specialist 404.471.5309
  China Wilson Media Services Technician 404.471.6072
Institutional Research
  Corey Dunn Director of Institutional Research 404.471.6176
Office of Internship & Career Development
  Irene Foran Career Coach 404.471.6264
  Catherine Johansson Career Coach 404.471.5429
  Dawn Killenberg Director of Internship and Career Development 404.471.5562
  Tomeka Stephens Internship Coordinator and Administrative Assistant 404.471.6264
  Marisol Zacarias Employer and Student Relations Coordinator 404.471.5454
Center for Leadership and Service
  Honi Migdol Associate Dean of Integrative Leadership and SUMMIT Co-curricular Programs 404.471.6064
  Dereika Pinder Assistant Director for Student Leadership Programs 404.471.5470
  JLP Prince Director of Community, Civic and Global Engagement 404.471.6639
McCain Library
  Elizabeth Bagley Director of Library Services 404.471.5277
  Christopher Bishop User Services Librarian 404.471.6337
  Kathryn Greer Digital Systems and Acquisitions Librarian 404.471.6141
  Stephany Kurth Interlibrary Loan and Technical Services Coordinator 404.471.5342
  Casey Long User Education Librarian 404.471.6343
  Casey Westerman College Archivist and Librarian 404.471.6344
Office of People and Culture
  Amanda Garlin Employee Services Specialist 404.471.6307
President's Office
  Marti Fessenden Title IX Coordinator and Special Counsel to the President 404.471.6547
  Lea Ann Hudson Associate Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees 404.471.6402
  Leocadia I. Zak President 404.471.6280
Department of Public Safety
  Quinten Gresham Lieutenant 404.471.6355
  Henry Hope Director of Public Safety 404.471.6355
  Tequia Horton Communications Officer 404.471.5410
  Randy Hunter Sergeant 404.471.6355
  Gregory Scott Lieutenant 404.471.6355
Office of the Registrar
  Gail Meis Registrar 404.471.6306
  Stacey Robbins Associate Registrar 404.471.6045
  Mary White Student Records/Cross-Registration Specialist 404.471.6137
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
  Whitney Booth Lockard Julia Thompson Smith Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life 404.471.6437
Office of Residence Life
  Jessica Foxworth Director of Residence Life 404.471.6327
  Onix Silva Operations Coordinator 404.471.6539
Science Center for Women
  Shandra Owens Director, Math and Science Resource Center 404.471.5949
  Alix Valcin Manager of Science Laboratories and Building 404.471.6034
Office of Special Events and Community Relations
  Rita James Manager, Special Events and Community Relations 404.471.6043
  Demetrice Williams Senior Director of Special Events & Community Relations 404.471.6035
Center for Student Involvement 404.471.5879
  Carolyn Cornelison Assistant Director for Recreation and Intramural Programs 404.471.6699
  Jennifer Duncan Assistant Director of Student Involvement 404.471.5140
  LeAnna Rensi Casey Director of Student Involvement 404.471.6536
  Karissa Tedesco Assistant Dean for Student Development 404.471.6559
Center for Sustainability
  Susan Kidd Executive Director of the Center for Sustainability 404.471.6080
  Gianni Rodriguez Sustainability Fellow 404.471.6499
Wellness Center
  Ana Ama Receptionist and Clerical Assistant 404.471.6486
  Malavika Pai Staff Counselor 404.471.6378
  Trina Simmons Administrative Coordinator 404.471.6544
  Jennifer Smith Staff Counselor 404.471.5317
Center for Writing & Speaking
  Mina Ivanova Patricia Collins Butler Fellow, Center for Writing and Speaking 404.471.5201
  Imani Young Bey Center for Writing and Speaking Program Coordinator 404.471.5201